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Critical repairs from WA flood crisis damage could take months, with enormous task ahead | ABC News

Critical repairs from WA flood crisis damage could take months, with enormous task ahead | ABC News

Reinforcements touchdown a welcome boost to the flood recovery effort a multi-agency cleanup crew comprised of Defense staff and volunteers and ADF Personnel is being mobilized to the regions as the water recedes the Stark reality is heading home authorities believe at least a hundred houses as well as vital transport routes.

Have been damaged in the floods that have swamped a huge area of the Fitzroy River catchment in the Kimberley from the town of Fitzroy Crossing to remote indigenous communities we’ve seen such severe damage to infrastructure that it is going to take time about 280 people have been evacuated from their flooded homes while they wait to hear when they.

Can return a huge cleanup operation has started so here at the Crossing end we’ve been cleaning up this whole entire area this hotel in Fitzroy Crossing is likely to remain closed for several months and many people are worried that this natural disaster will make the financial situation of many people who have.

Already been struggling even worse all the stuff that costs money is you know it’s really stressful it’s taken to energy and life out of a lot of people but a ray of Hope the only supermarket in town has reopened albeit for dry goods only close to 1 000 kilograms of food have been delivered into Fitzroy Crossing by air I think this is the.

First business to open after the flood but with severe damage to the highways the outlook for Road Freight is uncertain main roads crews are on their way to Target the worst hit areas including the main bridge on the highway at Fitzroy Crossing to see if they can save it if it is that we could do some work if it’s not clearly it’s a new.

Bridge clearly there’s only two years away the trucking industry has warned until the road damage is repaired getting supplies from Perth to isolated communities will likely involve a 12 000 kilometer return trip via South Australia up the center to Catherine and then into the Kimberley that’s the same as driving from the English Channel at.

Calais roughly to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan one way just one of the many logistical challenges the community leaders hope to overcome with the help of emergency staff and defense Sports Personnel over the coming days Dylan Storer ABC News Fitzroy Crossing