Crimea bridge blast damages Russian supply route to Ukraine

Crimea bridge blast damages Russian supply route to Ukraine

A blow quite literally to Russia’s troops fighting in the south of Ukraine flames and black smoke rise from the soul Bridge connecting Russia Annex Crimea with Russia after an explosion collapsed part of the 19 kilometer long Crossing into the sea threatening a vital Supply route from moscow’s war efforts CCTV footage.

Captured the apparent moment the blast tore through the Kirch bridge and a huge Fireball erupted at least three people were killed Russia’s investigative committee says a truck was blown up on the bridge setting fuel tanks on fire as a train crossed officials in Kiev celebrated the explosion but stopped short of claiming.

Responsibility an advisor to Ukraine’s president tweeted it was just the beginning everything illegal must be destroyed everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine Crimea long time no see tweeted Ukraine’s Parliament along with a heart emoji and in a taunt the Ukrainian government had just two words sick burn.

Traffic has already resumed on undamaged parts of the road and rail traffic was expected to restart later in the day the bridge however isn’t just logistically important it’s also hugely symbolic for Russia and particularly on Vladimir Putin’s own ego since it’s one of his main achievements since the illegal annexation of Crimea.

But professor of Defense studies Walter Dorne tells me the explosion also plays into President Putin’s claims that Russia is defending not attacking a western armed Ukraine the Russian regime will definitely use it that way it will try and use it to stir up support for the war in Ukraine and demonize Ukraine for attacking a vital Link in the.

Infrastructure of the Russian Federation President Putin personally drove a truck across the bridge at its opening in 2018. its partial destruction comes just one day after his birthday prompting this mocking social media post from the head of Ukraine’s National Security and defense Council he posted a video of The Burning Bridge alongside a video of.

Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr President Karen cielen City news

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