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Cries for help as water pipes fail in Jackson

Help help us out that’s the cry from Jackson Mississippi where residents cannot count on clean running water from their Taps after a winter storm caused Frozen and burst pipes my sister lives in Florida she has to come and bring me water so I can flush my toilet I just had surgery and I had to take my medication and it’s on my right foot I.

Got to get out to try to drive to get water because I am so upset with Jackson compounding frustrations this has happened before in August Jackson’s water pump system failed entirely after it was overwhelmed by historic floods that cut off running water entirely for the city’s 150 000 residents and another thirty thousand in the surrounding area.

Many blame years of chronic under investment in vital infrastructure in the majority black City volunteer and Resident Danielle Holmes the citizens of Jackson with your tax paying citizens of Mississippi uh meet the state of Mississippi to step up this game and do what we need to be Omni done here in the.

City of Jackson to assist with fixing the water um sewer infrastructure on Sunday Jackson’s Democratic mayor shokwe Anta La Mumba announced once again that all residents must boil water before using it for cooking or drinking homes in some parts of the city had no water at all and officials have set up distribution points for bottled drinking.

Water each day the U.S justice department in November reached an agreement with Mississippi in the city of Jackson to appoint an interim third party manager to stabilize the city’s drinking water supply the mayor says fixing the water system will take billions of dollars the U.S Congress included 600 million dollars to repair.

Jackson’s water system in a spending Bill signed into law last week

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