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Crews work to rescue, recover after brutal winter storm in Buffalo

The Deep Freeze across Western New York breaking as temperatures rise in Buffalo the driving ban Has Lifted freeing drivers to dig out and try restarting their cars once buried beneath more than four feet of snow I really can’t use words to explain how bad it was though power is back online for many the National Guard is making.

Door-to-door Wellness checks after widespread outages because we are fearful that there are individuals who may have perished the Erie County Executive going on to call Buffalo’s response to the Monumental storm embarrassing storm after storm after storm after storm the city unfortunately is the last one to be opened Buffalo’s.

Mayor responding people have been working around the clock since the beginning of this storm Nationwide the storm now blamed for at least 60 deaths with more than 30 counted from the Buffalo area among those victims 52 year old Monique Alexander her daughter confirming to ABC News a man found her mother’s body on a street and contacted.

Her family on Facebook I lose two days of holiday pay plus three days of regular pay because I was supposed to been back Sunday thousands of southwest airlines passengers are still stranded days after the storm the discount carrier canceling more than 13 000 flights this week with more cancellations today we’re focused on.

Safely getting all the pieces back into position to end this rolling struggle and now Buffalo is prepping for another potential weather event flooding due to Rising temperatures melting snow and rain forecast the governor says thousands of sandbags and hundreds of pumps and generators are ready if needed Justin Finch ABC News Washington.

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