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Creative Technology’s founder Sim Wong Hoo dies

Creative Technology’s founder Sim Wong Hoo dies

While the Singaporean behind the famous Sound Blaster sound cards has died Sim Wong KU who founded pioneering local tech company creative technology in 1981 died on Wednesday at the age of 67. the company’s board of directors said this in a Singapore exchange filing this morning creative technology was also one of the.

Earliest companies in the world to develop portable digital music players at the turn of the century in 2019 then financed Mr Heng sui kit loaded Mr SIM for his continued Spirit of Entrepreneurship creative has appointed its lead independent non-executive director Lee King Nam as acting chairman president of the creative Labs business.

Unit song Xiao Hui will serve as interim CEO more than 100 mourners turned up to pay their respects to the late xinhuang hu friends and relatives of Mr Sim were among those who attended the wake in the evening a former schoolmate told CNA she met Mr Sim by chance last Saturday she weighed he waved at her while walking.

And looking to be in good health she was shocked and saddened by the news of his passing his family didn’t confirm the cause of his death but said that he died peacefully gaming firm Razer CEO tan Minyan seen here in Black was also at the Wake Mr Tan described Mrs Sim as a good friend who would often meet him to discuss audio technology and design now.

Others expressed their gratitude for Mr Sims contributions to Singapore’s tech industry he had many ideas about life and about how to look at the world how to look at people and I think he had a strong sense of of Ethics yeah and a strong sense of purpose yeah.

And he has given a lot of his life not to creative technology but also to Singaporean creativity put Singapore on the map of Technology world and then let us singaporeans have the cow confident so after working for Creative when I go to other MNC when I go oversea it always uh have that kind.

Of confidence and pride because of my experience working in creative the wake is being held at the Garden of Remembrance at Old trackang Road condolence wreaths lined the wall outside the hall many with words of comfort for Mr Sims Family the funeral Cottage will leave on Monday for Monday crematorium.

And for mourn create his role in Singapore’s tech industry following the death of its founder we’re joined by Elijah’s law co-founder and editor of can buy or not attacked product review site oh Mr Lowe creative technology is known as Singapore’s pioneering tech company what did it have that made it such a force to reckon with.

Well when you speak of creativity it’s obvious it’s the Sound Blaster cars right so these were add-ons for PCs that allowed them to output sound that’s a major step up because back then in 1990s both PCS were basically single track uh speakers that only did like beep beeps and boobs and so when you have that sound card installed you get audio that.

You’re so used to hearing today uh music multi-track signals and so real world sound basically so imagine going from beeps to boost to say like sharing a Backstreet Boys song I think that was a massive Game Changer and that really put creative on the tech roadmap you know with the eyes of the world focused on it and everyone you knew back then had a.

Sound blaster card uh and that’s really what made your PC stand out Mr Lowe certainly was on the map for creativity and Innovation the company made a great deal of Headway around the world it had its successes it had its failures as well uh there was a time when it had a downturn despite that success tell us something about the.

Challenges that the business faced in its transformation so the one major thing I think creative felt to cease was the opportunity to license its technology so what happened uh back then was then sound cards were being slowly becoming obsolete as a onboard sound was becoming the norm and because creative didn’t.

Want to license its technology uh real Tech which is another semicon provider came in and took up that market so now every mother bought a very PC component uses real-time real tech technology instead of creative and that’s a huge Miss because you know creative could have dominated that industry right.

Um but as you look back now you know high side is 2020 so um there’s also the CD-ROM business where they lost 100 million I think back in 1995 but they got out quick and the pressure cut their losses they did do the right thing by moving into the MP3 business uh digital players digital music players are the norm now uh both.

It on your phones so luckily they also managed to get a nice package from Apple when they suit apple and Apple Center for 100 million so that helped them tie over the their linears and if you look at that history they also not only the sound technology they also started making their own processes using arm technology and those are the trips that.

We find about phones today and they also made tablets for China’s educational system um I personally consider these last two bits questionable I’m not too sure if they have paid off or only creative notes and I don’t think they’ve talked about those uh business much oh Mr law uh apart from the actual Tech.

Uh products or what they perhaps fail to do on these Tech products we heard a former employees speaking just before we crossed you saying that having worked for this company gave them the confidence to go abroad and speak as someone who had worked for creative technology now that you could say is one type of Legacy uh Mr has left behind him.

Um are we seeing in the industry right now a new creative technology emerging that could take on the mantle of the first creative technology all right um at this point of time I don’t think you know there is a company that can do that uh creative has left very large shoes to fill.

Um you you have companies in Singapore like Razer but I think those are more recognized as a US company that say quoted here sometimes so at this point of time no and I don’t think you know any of the crypto firms that have started forming in or headquarters here in Singapore uh anywhere close to filling a technology Gap that creative.

Has left behind all right thanks so much for joining us Elisha’s law co-founder and editor of can buy or not a tech product review site

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