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COVID outbreaks continue in long-term care homes

COVID outbreaks continue in long-term care homes

No one wants to talk about covet on this holiday monday but for residents in long-term care it is still very much a cause for concern according to public health ontario those 80 and up have the highest case rates of any other age group at a time when the front line health care workers who care for them are burnt out.

The situation is quite alarming that in the middle of summer we have about 30 percent that’s right 30 percent of our long-term care homes in ontario have a coveted outbreak the cases appear to be falling this week but the situation was so dire last week that renfrew county’s district health unit put out this call for volunteers to help.

Out at a long-term care home where staff and residents have been hit with a covet outbreak dr amid arya who is a palliative care physician at a long-term care home in toronto says this wave is hitting the sector harder than any summer since covid first began at a time when frontline workers are burnt out and leaving even on a good day you might.

Have one nurse or you commonly have one nurse looking after 25 or 30 residents in the day and that drops down to maybe 50 to 60 residents at night so you can imagine when you have these multiple waves of covid19 sort of coming through the door once again in long-term care if you lose that one nurse it means that.

Other nurses working on other nursing units are stretched even more the suffering and neglect becomes worse and frankly this shouldn’t be allowed to happen just over two years ago premier doug ford called in the military to support long-term care homes that had been badly hit by covid reports revealed horrific circumstances due to the lack.

Of staff who had fallen ill but low staffing was a problem long before kovid and not just in ontario overall canada is grossly underfunding its elder care sector in the community meaning long-term care and home care so many other oecd countries such as denmark the nordic countries put about three percent of their gdp towards um.

You know this basket of services long-term care and home care and canada actually only puts about 1.5 the good news amidst all the bad is the covid death rate for long-term care residents has plummeted due to vaccines during wave one before they were available public health ontario states the mortality rate in the homes was.

Close to 32 percent today during wave 7 so far it is 1.8 percent however dr arya notes not all patients fully recover they survived covet but after covid they were left bed-bound their appetite decreased by maybe 50 percent or even less and sometimes they became permanently confused dr arya wonders how many more.

Waves the long-term care system and its residents can endure i’m very worried that unfortunately at this time because we’re tired we’re normalizing these outbreaks and long-term care and i’m absolutely scared as are many of my colleagues who work in long-term care about what we’re going to see in the fall city news reached out to the.

Ministry of long-term care to see if any other long-term care homes were struggling and needed assistance so far there has been no response

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