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COVID-19: Hong Kong to scrap almost all virus curbs

COVID-19: Hong Kong to scrap almost all virus curbs

Hong Kong will scrap its mandatory PCR test for inbound Travelers marking a major shift for international travel now this comes shortly after China announced its own phased reopening on January the 8th Hong Kong says that it hopes to get approval for Border resumption with the mainland on January the 15th Deborah Wong with this report.

No more on arrival PCR tests social distancing rules vaccine pass requirement and quarantine for close contacts Hong Kong has relaxed in nearly all of its covid-19 restrictions at one goal after nearly three years of intermittent lockdowns this comes as 83 percent of residents have received at least three vaccine doses while 2.5.

Million have been infected before authorities believe Hong Kong has developed effective immunity but the mask mandate remains as a safeguard amid concerns over whether the Public Health Care system can cope especially as seasonal flu cases rise alongside covet infections foreign.

s have stretched more than eight hours in the last few days now there’s a slight Improvement on Wednesday afternoon with only about three hospitals recording wait times of between five to eight hours a non-urgent cases typically take about a two hour to see the doctor the hospital Authority.

Has appealed four patients with mild symptoms to visit General outpatient clinics instead or the private doctors to reduce the pressure on Public Health Care Resources authorities have also appealed to the private sector to support and accept covid-19 patients I have.

Very good quality confident throw the risk because the medical service has enhanced its response system and also we have sufficient and effective medicine and the commodity has good experience of the three years to protect themselves still Panadol and other cough or flu medicine supplies are.

Running low in pharmacies some have been found selling drugs in loose packets instead of the original packaging um the Society of Hospital pharmacists advise the public to approach the pharmacists the Community Pharmacy instead of the shopkeeper of the.

Pharmacy because the farmers Community Pharmacy actually provide the professional advice we recommend other medications besides the paracetamol we may advise the people to take the ibuprofen which is the nset launch deroidal anti-inflammatory medication the hospital Authority says it will increase its supply of paracetamol and.

Ensure that Hong Kong residents get priority for both medication and vaccination Deborah Wong CNA Hong Kong

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