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Court of Appeal rules Archie Battersbee must die in hospital

Court of Appeal rules Archie Battersbee must die in hospital

We’ve got some breaking news uh now and the court of appeal has rejected an application from archie battersby’s family to appeal the ruling from the high court which said he cannot be moved to a hospice to die uh sky’s adele robinson’s at the royal london hospital in east london for us where archie uh has been treated now for quite some.

Months and adele what does it mean from here well that’s the big question isn’t it as you say the court of appeal has just uh handed down their decision in which they say that they are rejecting an application to appeal against the decision that was made by the high court earlier today in the final paragraph of.

That decision in that document it says uh that the judgment deals comprehensively uh with each of the points he’s talking about the judgment earlier today with each of the points raised on behalf of the parents we have reached the clear conclusion that each of her decisions that’s the judges was right for the reasons she gave it.

Follows that the proposed appeal has no prospect of success and there is no other compelling reason for the court of appeal to hear an appeal so we will wait to hear from the family now uh perhaps there they might be considering another legal avenue we don’t know um just to recap on what the high court judge said earlier today and in which.

The court of appeal has now agreed with the judge there agreed with clinicians and doctors here at the hospital that it was in the best interests of archie battersby to be allowed to die here at the hospital and not to be moved to a hospice the family had argued that he should be allowed to to be moved to a hospice to be given in.

Their words dignity and death and the privacy that the family wanted for themselves in uh the final moments of archie’s life now uh the judge at the high court today said that they she agreed with the clinicians and that archie’s condition was so unstable that any transfer could be risky uh that potentially he.

Could pass away on route to any hospice and that would be despite any um intensive care equipment or specialist or team or staff being there with him now the judge also said that the final arrangements that would be made here at the hospital for archie would have up there.

As their central focus his best interests and that would everything would be put in place to allow him to have a peaceful and private death with his family she also said in her final comments that she described the unconditional love that archie’s family had for him and.

Dedication to his uh to his well-being describing it as a golden thread that ran throughout this case now all today the trust has said that they would continue giving life support until all legal issues have been resolved we wait to hear from the family as to whether or not they will be taking uh on.

Other applications it sounds like potentially uh the family we’re just getting in now are thinking of applying or going to apply to the european court of human rights uh waiting for company confirmation uh it sounds as if they potentially are at least considering that but remember what happened here on wednesday was the family applied to the.

European court of human rights uh to overturn a decision not to turn off archie’s life support and the european court of human rights came back and said that they would not interfere in a high court’s decision so we’ll bring you more uh on what the next steps the next steps for archie’s family will be when we get it.

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