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Congress back to work after Kevin McCarthy elected House speaker

And the House of Representatives getting back to work today after finally electing a speaker in the middle of the night over the weekend that was easy huh well Kevin McCarthy did survive the longest and probably the most contentious fight for speaker since before the Civil War finally getting.

Enough support in the 15th vote to put him over the top joining me now I’m surprised he’s still awake Jay O’Brien on Capitol Hill and our ABC political director Rick Klein I really hope the two of you got some sleep over the weekend that was a pretty intense week Jay let’s start with you you’re on the hill.

Um you were there you know through the entire thing with us ordeal rather and Rick so are you the votes the negotiations you know you name it we weren’t sure if it was going to happen but McCarthy finally did get the job so let’s just talk about what’s next and what’s first on his to-do list well I had the weekend to rest so did Rick so.

Did you um but so did House Republicans right that was really contentious it went on to early Saturday morning that’s finally when McCarthy clinches the gavel but one of the things that Republicans learned over that period was what trouble what chaos five House Republicans who oppose anything can do because of how slim the.

Majority the House Republicans have in control in controlling the house so what we’ll watch for today is Republicans have to pass a rules package when you take over the house you also get to rewrite the rules that’s what they’re voting on later tonight we’ll see if there’s enough Republican opposition that might waylay that or delay that we.

Know that there are some Republican moderates who have said they don’t support that package because of how much McCarthy gave away in those negotiations with those Rebel Republicans to become the next speaker of the house and then their first order of business their first piece of legislation that’s not the rules package is a piece of.

Legislation that will defund some of the money that was sent to the IRS during the inflation reduction act that is going to be a consistent theme for this house because it’s likely to pass in the house but it’s Dead on Arrival in a democrat-controlled senate so you’re going to see that repeatedly if Republicans can get things passed out of.

This house us in their slim majority a lot of it is going to be messaging bills because the Senate won’t act on it Kira so Rick let’s talk more about the concessions that McCarthy made to win over these hard-line conservatives and what new rules could we see within this Congress well this package really puts in writing.

And formalizes a lot of the site agreements that were made some things aren’t covered at all in this but we’re seeing a lot more powerful Rank and file members including and especially some members of the House Freedom caucus who were very much the thorns and McCarthy’s side putting putting more of them on the rules committee may not sound like a big.

Deal but the rules committee does determine how a piece of legislation that comes to the floor is handled what kind of amendments are are allowed that key concession about as few as one lawmaker forcing an up or down vote on whether someone can remain a speaker or not is a huge one that was a McCarthy red line that he ended up Crossing and a.

Very big deal and this is something that I know is coming up on the hill today is this requirement that the house passed a budget that would balance within 10 years that may not sound hard but the fiscal track that we’re on would mean drastic Cuts maybe even cuts to defense spending that Republicans are right now trying to explain away to their.

Conference Jay O’Brien Rick Klein will be talking a lot this week hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel.

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