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Congress Alleges Delhi Police Has Surrounded Party HQ & Homes Of Gandhis

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Congress Alleges Delhi Police Has Surrounded Party HQ & Homes Of Gandhis” here is their detail.

Manish pandey who joins us right from uh the newsroom to give us a sense on what angle is the edie probing into but before that amid flag was right in front of the uh national herald office um what what angle exactly is the ed probing into at this point well nabila yesterday we lived at the.

Herald house had begun 10 in the morning and that continued till around you know 11 45 in the night which means 16 16 hours afraid and certainly they must have been looking into documents that were inside the herald house and uh the result of that what you see is that the main office of the national herald has been now steeled by the ed.

Officials and two you know separate notices have been put inside the herald offices the main headquarters on the left-hand side is the way a path to the national herald newspaper which is also sort of a mouthpiece of the congress party uh what needs to be noted here is that when the officials were raiding this yesterday.

Around uh six in the evening and pawan bansal had whis here and they said one line there was one line response to the media's n number of questions and that response was that we were here to look at our office and after that and pawan bansal left the herald house but the ed officials continued to stay.

Here and when they left today the result we are seeing is that there are two notices which has been put at the entrance of the national herald headquarters which reads that nobody can enter the premises without the permission of the eed officials this probably means in in all possibilities this means that.

Edie wants to protect the documents which are inside the national heralds headquarters they want to protect the sanctity of the documents and they do not want any individual without the permission of the ed entering the office because there would be possibilities of tampering with the documents you know possibilities of.

Removing documents or making all sorts of changes so those are the possible you know causes because of this the national herald office has been now sealed by the eu officials and anybody who wants to enter the office because remember this is a newspaper news organization runs from.

This organization from this particular premises the top floor of the herald house is where uh the national heralds the headquarter is located so a journalist reporters who used to work with the national herald used to access their office from the top floor itself and now anybody who wants to enter the office for any any reason to collect.

Their you know valuables to collect their documents to file stories of whatever they are there is need for they will have to now seek permission from the ed official so in all likelihood this feeling of the national herald office on the bahadur sahaja road in the national headquarter has a national capital has been done to avoid any sort.

Of tampering or mishandling of the document which might be you know inside the herald house over to you nabila it's very hard for us to believe at this point that there may be a suspicious documentation inside the the young indian office because you know there's it's been 10 years since this case is being investigated the i.t and.

Now the ed quite a few years that investigation is on for them to have kept documents like that even if they had some at the young indian office uh certainly is suspicious i mean if at all they've kept it then uh you know it's something that the ed wants to look into but at this point congress of course coming.

Together in a show of strength this is the exclusive image that india today has accessed where we're seeing all the senior congress leaders at the aicc office who've gathered only to try and discuss and deliberate on what next remember after the ed has got great powers now to arrest summon and attach properties of.

Course the timing of this uh push for the ed by the supreme court comes as a question as the gandhi family is being probed at this point so is it very likely or possible that the gandhis will be arrested will could their properties be attached could they be summoned more many more times that remains to be seen but the congress.

Leaders now we're looking at all the senior leaders including malika salman kurdish all the senior leaders who've come together let me cut across to shaya chatterjee who's right there at the aicc office outside where this meeting is currently underway who are these people in the.

Photograph that we see do uh confirm to us yet again and what is this deliberation that's currently on well you know all the congress senior leaders as well as the congress members and office bearers they're all here right now at the icc uh headquarters shortly from now we'll also.

See uh official press conference that will be held by uh jairam ramesh and abhishek manu sindhi on the entire incident that has transpired what happened today one we do know that the young india private limited office in the herald house that has been sealed by the ed subsequently we saw there was heavy security deployment outside 10.

Janpat and aicc what we do know that we saw senior leaders like jeram ramesh call this security deployment out saying this has become a routine habit of the delhi police to um to i mean clamp down and put heavy security outside the aicc now shortly we will see an official statement being made by the congress uh we've already heard senior leaders from.

The likes of malika junk who's denied the source-based charges that's coming from the edie because ed resources say is because of the principal officer malik arjun kharge not being present is why the young india private limited office couldn't be read and subsequently was sealed today malika or jungkook has denied that charge we'll now have to.

Wait and watch what the congress has to say on that entire incident that has transpired but so far congress is calling this as an act of uh vengeance that the center is misusing uh the ed uh and the central agencies as a tool we also heard promote diwari calling it shahi by the central government and now very shortly both jairam ramesh and.

Abhishek manu singh we will be addressing a press conference at the icc headquarters and you can see the kind of gathering at the icc headquarters already people have started coming in from senior leaders to support us they're all pouring in at the icc headquarters he'll only be clear what the congress has to say shortly uh when.

Probably even the supporters will get a clear message from the dicc headquarters all right you know astraya like you said the congress party now all set to address a press conference in about a few minutes where all the key congress leaders along with uh jairam ramesh dikvijay.

These are the leaders who we just saw in those images who have huddled up trying to deliberate on what next they're going to be addressing a press conference uh one can only expect what's going to be said right from the start to now they've maintained that this is vendetta politics and they're being targeted targeted the gandhi family is they're.

Trying to break their spirit that won't happen the congress stands by them

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