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COE prices for larger cars fall in first bidding exercise under new quota counting method

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “COE prices for larger cars fall in first bidding exercise under new quota counting method” here is their detail.

Certificate of entitlement premiums for larger cars and in the open category have dropped slightly under the first bidding exercise using a revised counting method for determining coe quotas this is aimed at reducing volatility and supply and came after premiums hit new highs in july premiums for smaller cars and electric.

Vehicles with 110 kilowatts of power or lower went up by some one thousand one hundred dollars closing at eighty thousand dollars categories that saw premiums dip were for larger cars and electric vehicles more than a hundred and ten kilowatts with prices going down by more than two point seven percent and cars in the open category with coes down.

By almost one percent to a hundred and thirteen thousand coes for commercial vehicles like goods vehicles and buses rose by one thousand two hundred dollars to over fifty six thousand dollars motorcycle premiums also went up by ninety dollars to eleven thousand dollars an industry representative said the slight fall in premiums isn't.

Expected to last if your question for whether the next one two or three bit or whether the serial will come down further i don't think so because the supply the supply is still so low.

Due to this uh the past few months and leave relationship bigger unless there is a better way for early turnover for car so that people who reach their their lifespan the car reached their lifespan they can switch to a new one without bidding

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