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COE prices close lower across the board

COE prices close lower across the board

A certificate of entire entitlement premiums have fallen across the board with smaller vehicles and category falling down to their lower since last August our premiums for smaller cars or the largest price Fall by more than nine percent or about 8 000 Singapore dollars to close at 80 000 Singapore dollars Coes for larger cars fell by around six.

Thousand dollars and just over a hundred and two thousand dollars Goods vehicles and buses saw prices slip around nine hundred dollars to close at just over seventy seven thousand three hundred dollars ocos motorcycles ended at around ten thousand nine hundred dollars and in the open category at about a hundred and seven thousand nine hundred dollars at.

Least one industry player attributes the drop in prices to more people traveling overseas for a lot of people go oversea and they spend the money over there you know this this number you go oversee the the course the the trip that you spend you’ll be more than the before and then a lot of people are not.

In town also affect the uh the buying power the showroom is quiet well he says the situation could change with the Singapore Motor Show kicking off next week where sales from the event got push-up bits and COE prices

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