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COE premium for Open category dips from record high | THE BIG STORY

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “COE premium for Open category dips from record high | THE BIG STORY” here is their detail.

After consecutive tenders resulting in record high premiums coe prices for two categories have seen a drop in the first bit for the month of august the open category or category e which tends to be used for larger cars ending at hundred and thirteen thousand dollars which is about a thousand dollars lower than the previous tender while premiums for.

Category b cars also decreasing by just over three thousand dollars to end at about one hundred and seven thousand dollars premiums for category a c and d all increasing in the latest tender here's our transport correspondent on the fluctuating prices i think number one is things can't always stay up what goes up have to come.

Down at some point but to be a bit more um specific i think i've been speaking with dealers since the last couple of ten days where we're seeing all the record highs right is that in effect showroom traffic hasn't been very strong in other words the retail consumer are not going to show to buy cars so i would say that today what we saw.

This afternoon is more reflection of where the market is there are probably just less buyers for these big cars that's for the big car category as well as in the open category where the way the open category works is that you can actually use it later on the dealers like you would like to keep hang on to these you take your cov so that.

They can use it to put it on the car when there's a customer that needs it in the same next three months so one thing we can read from today's results is that this the price that the trade is going to pay for an open category coe also suggests where they expect the market to be and i guess if based on today this afternoon.

The expectation is going to be a little bit softer than what from the last two months that we've been seeing um i think often times in in putting together a serial report is that they consist of five categories right and in the five categories they represent different kind of buying needs for example in the.

Commercial class you are talking about companies and their needs when it comes to replenishing or expanding their fleet motorcycles there are always an argument earlier on talk about people who use motorcycles for for work as well as those that are fortunate to have them as a hobby so you see the behaviors in each category is also.

Different from what their needs what the motivations are and of course the quarter on the supply side so that's why you see that they don't all move uniformly like everybody goes up everybody comes down and by the same measure thanks for watching be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to.

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