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Cody Fisher: Two men arrested over death of footballer

Cody Fisher: Two men arrested over death of footballer

Good afternoon well we start this hour with breaking news and two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder over the Fatal stabbing of a footballer in Birmingham 23 year old Cody Fisher was stabbed on the dance floor of the crane nightclub just before midnight on boxing day let’s go to this guy’s Dan Whitehead who joins us now from Birmingham um Dan.

What does the police say yes significant significant updates in the investigation into the stabbing of Cody Fisher as you say uh in the late hours of boxing day inside the crane Nightclub West Midlands police issuing an update in the last couple of minutes saying that a 22 year old has been arrested and was held in an address in.

Birmingham city center just after at midnight last night and in addition to that a second man aged 21 was arrested in London they are being questioned on suspicion of murder of Cody Fisher as you say he was stabbed in the crane nightclub we’ve had a further statement from the lead investigator DCI Ian Ingram from West Midlands police who has.

Said that we’re making good progress in our investigation and are building a better picture of what happened we’ve been really pleased with the response from the public and have already had a number of witness accounts and images sent through which will help our investigation it goes on to say that it is it is vital that we hear from.

Everybody who saw any part of what happened that night no matter how insignificant they think it might be Cody’s family and friends are devastated by what happened and will continue to bring them uh answers so a significant update nearly two days on from uh this attack which happened uh inside a very busy nightclub.

In Birmingham hundreds of people willing were inside at the crane nightclub on boxing day uh night and we understand one of those Cody was dancing with friends in as part of a group who had gone out that night to celebrate uh Christmas and that is when he was fatally stabbed and died on that dance floor we’re outside Stratford Town.

Football Club which was the football club uh some 40 minutes south of that nightclub where Cody played and we heard yesterday from the chairman of the club um this is a group of young men who have been absolutely devastated by at this news we understand that a number of them were with Cody in the Nightclub at the time and tributes paid from this club.

And other non-league clubs including bromsgrove which uh Cody played for last season there’s been messages as well on social media of course um one from A lady called Jess Chatwin we don’t know the exact relation to uh Cody but she has gone on Instagram and Twitter putting up pictures of them together as a couple saying you didn’t.

Deserve any of this I’m so sorry this happened to you my baby please come home I love you forever Cody Fisher that’s the message from her and tributes as well from schools because Cody not only played for Stratford town but he was a football coach at primary schools in the area providing inspiration to young people in the Birmingham area at one of.

Those schools Woodrow first school now I’ve spoken to the Head teachers today they are devastated as well by the loss of someone he clearly was very inspirational to those in the classroom there at Woodrow everyone at the school is devastated to hear of the tragic and needless death of this bright friendly and talented uh young man this of course.

Is a fast-paced investigation that there is a significant police a presence still at crane nightclub and although the police say they are making Headway and of course they have now made two arrests they are still Keen to hear from people who are inside that club it was incredibly busy it is a large club and we understand hundreds of people.

Were in there to enjoy the DJs that were performing on that night and they’re especially asking for people who have photos or possibly videos of their night to send them through so that the detectives in charge can make an assessment as to whether or not it is relevant but the main updates that we have this afternoon is the first arrests.

On suspicion of murder of Cody Fisher that 22 year old held in Birmingham last night just after midnight and a 21 year old also arrested in London

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