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Cody Fisher: Friends pay tribute to footballer following his death

Cody Fisher: Friends pay tribute to footballer following his death

Two days on and what unfolded in this nightclub is only just sinking in friends of Cody came in the pouring rain to lay flowers struggling to process what’s happened to devastated um just the impact it’s had on myself family friends I mean obviously me and Kelsey are part of a friendship Group.

Which has a hole now that can’t be filled um I was out the night it happened and it hit me like a ton of bricks like I said he just had an infectious smile A Love For Life his friends his football his family and he just tragic just horrendous really really horrible and uh just I know for me it’s it’s that I.

Can’t get scripture at the minute anyone that knew him wouldn’t say a bad word about him that’s the thing he’s just wrong place wrong time and you cut like it’s not nice it just hasn’t hit yet forensic investigation continues at the crane nightclub but there has been progress a 22 year old man from Birmingham was arrested just after.

Midnight in London a 21 year old man also taken into custody both now being questioned on suspicion of murdering Cody Fisher the 23 year old Stratford Town player was on the dance floor with friends when he was approached by a group and stabbed police say they have already been sent a number of images and witness accounts from those who were.

Inside the club two nights ago but the appeal for information including phone footage continues to be made in a statement dcie Ian Ingram from West Midlands police said it’s vital that we hear from everybody who saw any part of what happened that night no matter how insignificant they think it might be Cody’s family and friends are devastated.

By what happened and we’ll continue to work to bring them answers the Cody’s teammates there is a sense of shock it wasn’t you know like I said before I think everyone’s just completely speechless at the moment um.

And it’s hard to put into words really close friend Jess Chatwin pictured here with Cody paid tribute on social media my poor baby she said I’m so sorry this has happened to you it is clear Cody Fisher was loved by many how and why he became the victim of a fatal knife attack while celebrating Christmas is still unknown Dan Whitehead.

Sky News in Birmingham

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