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Climate policy will have ‘direct effect’ on cost of living

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Climate policy will have ‘direct effect’ on cost of living” here is their detail.

Let's bring in a federal politician who knows a bit about this space that is the former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce joining us from canberra thanks thanks for joining us barnaby question without no notice just on that uh you'd be well aware of the fact of course australia has missions and we have consul generals and embassies all around.

The country are these state-based it's not just new south wales that has them are these state trade commissioners necessary or are they a boondoggle you know honestly no they're not necessary i mean it's quite absurd but if you go overseas people don't quite get how you have an australian one and a new south wales one and a queensland one.

And guess which one they want to talk to they want to talk to the australian one there's trade between nations not trade between states and sometimes it creates a confusion because you get different messages from different areas ultimately your borders are controlled by federal legislation so you need the federal one is the one i want to.

Speak to it's the splitting of resources um to be quite frank six hundred was it five hundred thousand dollars six hundred thousand dollars that job what on earth are you gonna do for that i mean well how many shows on broadway can you go to indeed well i think that's a pretty strong view from you i think yeah i.

Think the state governments should get rid of these positions and it sounds like labor is going to promise that in the lead up to the new south wales state election next year i want to talk to you about it when they say there's more to hear about we've got more to say about that later on that's actually code for i don't know.

What to say next yeah okay yeah yeah we we pick it up i've seen it from all angles as you know barnaby i'm going to show you a little bit of what adam band had to say now this is important because adam about now has said that he'll vote for labor's new climate bill and so are the so-called teal independents but have a listen to.

This little bit of adam band at the press club today if we hit two degrees of warming or more and fail to meet the paris agreement goals which is where labour's weak targets take us the great barrier reef will die as will the 60 000 jobs depend on it.

More coal and gas mines will cause more floods fires and droughts they will increase the cost of living destroy infrastructure ecosystems will collapse and more species will become extinct and more of us will die good lord the fear and loathing barnaby.

Joyce now what i want to ask you about here is it drives me nuts because most politicians won't even go down this path you will and that is sure we want to do our bid as a nation when it comes to global efforts on climate change but a the rampant alarmism and be this pretense that what australia does will change the temperature of the world is.

Just so deceptive and delusional well you know he would have made hunter s thompson proud with that dire tribe it is patently absurd patently absurd behind my head i can see it on your show it's the sky do you honestly think anything that happens in that building there honestly in that building there can.

Change that up there do you honestly believe that because if you believe that i've got a bridge to sell you and th this is this is this is an absurdity that the only thing this policy will have a direct effect on is your cost of living yeah and you would know that right now things are getting dairy your fuel's getting dairy.

Your power is much dearer um and uh electricity electricity got what can you say about fuel power food um and that in one way or form or another is has connections almost directly correlated or directly affected by climate policy both domestic and.

International and i've been saying this on a number of shows remember as you pay more money for your fuel as you pay money for your power you pay more money for your food somebody somewhere else is getting the dough right there's a trick to this there's a trick to this remember that and um you know.

What um mr band said there would have put it it would be devastating for your economy or he's talking about our major exports if we don't have the capacity for people overseas to want to buy stuff from us then we have no capacity to buy stuff off them and what we do get is a vastly.

Higher price yeah that's one side that works against us and there's no doubt that these policies will make electricity more expensive and unreliable we've seen that the whole world's been going down that path but what pains me is that labor the teals the greens and half of the coalition just go along with these pre this.

Pretense is this you're not not leveling with australian voters and saying all right we all want to you know be good global citizens but let's not pretend it's going to stop bushfires stop floods and somehow give you lovely sunny days every day in australia and it's really massively over egg this.

Is garbage you know what they say we're going to kill the great barrier reef and how many times have you heard this over the last couple of decades that everything is an imminent demise and about to end that the seas are going to rise we're all going to get flooded and and there's there's a semblance of truth in it but it's it's.

What they're trying to create is fear and loathing yep in last sydney you know and this is this is this is all we're going to create this mechanism of having you all the frighten the bejesus out of you and and that becomes the bulwark to push in policy which ultimately has a socialist aspect to it that is the greater capacity of the state to have.

Control over your life and the divestment of assets from the individual to the state and an incursion on the income earning capacity of this nation on the individual and the overriding architecture of the state in direction over your life now that is something that's simplistically against the reason that i.

And others went to politics because we believe the individual resides above the state and whenever you hear you know before it was salinity it was the whales it's the forest it's biodiversity now as climate change and every time behind it the solution apparently is an extension of the socialist principle.

Of more say of the state more say the government over your life and ultimately a cost that comes back to you you pay for this right yeah if you don't ever think anything that happens in that build at that building wherever it's gone that building there it is that building that building is there to save you money.

What that building there does when they pass this legislation is cost you money you're spot on barnaby joyce and you've got to keep arguing cents on this stuff there has to be a reckoning thanks for joining us

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