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Classified documents found at Biden’s private office

Developing this morning a legal headache for President Biden after documents Mark classified were found at a think tank linked to his vice presidency sources tell CBS News Jared Hill reports the justice department is now taking a look at the documents to determine any possible next steps roughly 10 documents marked classified.

Were found at the Penn Biden Center for diplomacy and Global engagement in this Washington DC building a source familiar says they contained no nuclear secrets the attorney general has assigned John lausch a trump appointee and the U.S attorney in Chicago to review the documents which were from President Biden’s years as vice president.

According to two sources with knowledge of the inquiry what doj will look at is how did the documents get there was it intentional is this a case that deserves to be prosecuted the president’s special counsel said the material was identified by Mr Biden’s personal attorneys while they were packing files housed in a locked closet to prepare to vacate the.

Office space on November 2nd he adds that the White House counsel’s Office notified the National Archives the same day the material was discovered and that the archives took possession of them the following day very concerned several Republicans have compared the situation to the FBI search on former president president Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Florida.

Home during which hundreds of materials with classification markings were seized Trump even posted on his truth social platform quote when is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden perhaps even the White House these documents were definitely not Declassified this one one set of rules for president Trump he literally raided his home uh 91 days.

Before the midterm election different standard it seems with the um with President Biden the FBI is also involved in the preliminary inquiry into the Biden documents which a source says is nearing its conclusion Jared Hill CBS News New York as of this morning neither the justice department nor the FBI are commenting on.

The Biden documents inquiry the justice department appointed a special counsel to oversee its investigations into former president Donald Trump including his handling of classified materials

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