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​​City folk welcome Shahidan’s invite to discuss flood mitigation plans

​​City folk welcome Shahidan’s invite to discuss flood mitigation plans

Foreign representing eight Kuala Lumpur residents who plan to sue Federal territories Minister shahidan qasim and Kuala Lumpur City Hall over the lack of information on flood mitigation measures in the capital has welcomed The Minister’s willingness to meet with them.

In a letter to shahidan today limway jet said his Law Firm is ready to organize a town hall meeting between his clients and other residents and the minister in the next one or two weeks Lim said it was important for the discussion to take place openly and in public as everyone is entitled to such information.

He said only with information can public policies be scrutinized and improved to help reduce the impact of the coming year-end floods on millions of Kuala Lumpur residents Lim said he hoped the federal territories Ministry or dbkl would provide a venue for the town hall meeting.

Shahidan issued the group an invitation to meet after Lim said last week the residence led by former Malaysian bar president ambika srinivasan would go ahead with the lawsuit to compel him and the bkl to provide detailed information on the city’s flood mitigation measures foreign