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Christmas Day in Toronto

It was a different Christmas Day than many were expecting after a winter storm wreaked havoc on those travelling by planes, trains and automobiles, but despite that, Toronto Christmas traditions remained strong. Tina Yazdani reports.

Christmas Day in Toronto

Well it was a different Christmas day than many were hoping for after a winter storm wreaked havoc on those traveling by Planes Trains and Automobiles many families weren’t able to come together as planned despite that Christmas traditions in Toronto remained strong Christmas masses at full capacity for the first time since 2019 no mandatory.

Masking and no distancing after two years of modified services at parishes that limited attendance to 30 percent capacity last year and no more than 10 people in 2020. a welcome return to normalcy for many at churches and events across the city now in full swing Chalet in here in East.

York City Council or Paula Fletcher along with Toronto’s mayor were busy delivering Christmas dinners to seniors in the community as part of a 40-year tradition and if you’re in a single apartment and you’re a senior here in East York you know somebody cares about you and they’re bringing you a Christmas meal the mayor says days like today.

Highlight the good in Toronto despite recent troubling acts of violence yes those are big challenges for us but this still is Toronto the very very good and this is where we have the really joyful moments where we see that people can step up as a community and show support and show love and I think that’s what the holidays are all about.

And across the city on the West End the Scott Mission prepared 400 Christmas meals for those in need everything everything from scratch we just made everything they tell us the demand for hot meals has increased dramatically in 2022 up 49 compared to last year as food insecurity and the cost of living rise across the city so you look at the.

Numbers it’s staggering it’s staggering people who’ve now been to a food bank are coming in when people come in on Christmas Day we are their Community we’re the place they come to gather together this time of year we all need to be somewhere where we’re welcomed and appreciated my partner used to come here and then I started coming here the food.

Is great here of bingo all the way oh what fun it is like colorful and in Regent Park a major dinner prep underway many many volunteers showed up today the founder of restaurant chain Paramount Fine Foods helped to cook a thousand Christmas Day meals for those in need it’s not only about food today.

It’s a Christmas is the last day of Hanukkah so we have a lot of the jackets we have food definitely we said but there is a mini jacket for people who doesn’t have anything to be warm in the weather like this and it is a frigid Christmas day in Toronto but the worst of the storm seems to have passed in this city the mayor today said the storm.

Cleanup when as planned for city news I’m tinae as Jenny