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Chinese tourists yet to make hotel bookings in Singapore amid uncertainties over rules

Chinese tourists yet to make hotel bookings in Singapore amid uncertainties over rules

Major hotels here in Singapore are reporting a spike in Booking inquiries from China exceeding even pre-pandemic figures but some say actual bookings have been slow with Travelers adopting a wait and see attitude before committing still at least one hotel is ramping up hiring and training to prepare for the anticipated influx of Chinese Travelers.

For too long hotel rooms like this one have sat empty and without visitors but with China’s borders now open hotels can’t wait to fill them all but expectations of a sudden search in bookings have yet to materialize Chinese tourists say they are hesitant to commit due to lingering uncertainties foreign.

Tour agency in China says China’s culture and tourism Ministry has given no indication whether Chinese tour groups can organize outbound trips to places like Singapore and batam that’s making Chinese tourists worried about higher costs if policies change still he says there’s a lot of interest in visiting Singapore this has translated.

Into increased web traffic for about half a dozen hotels CNA spoke with even though actual bookings aren’t keeping pace for China tourists we are seeing a search of visitors to our brand website however the real bookings is coming at the slow pace currently a lot of China tourists are still waiting adopting a.

Wait and see attitude so I think they are not really making the bookings yet the hotel expects it’ll just be a matter of time before Chinese tourists return in droves and are preparing to handle the influx we always are recruiting stuff and also training our stuff to make sure that we when the demand comes back we are ready for it China closed.

Its borders to nearly all travelers in March 2020. in the earlier days of the pandemic this reopening marks the first time in nearly three years the tourists can finally resume travel into and out of the country

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