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Chinese Jets Cross Taiwan Strait After Pelosi Visit

Chinese Jets Cross Taiwan Strait After Pelosi Visit

China has been flexing its military muscle over taiwan by crossing into its air and sea space according to reports these military jets were seen flying over the taiwan strait as beijing continues to express outrage over a recent high-profile visitor to taiwan united states house speaker nancy pelosi stopped in taiwan as part of a recent.

Trip to asia the chinese government warned the u.s against pelosi visiting claiming it was a provocation while china claims taiwan as its own taiwan remains a self-governing democracy pelosi made a speech of solidarity during her visit however the united.

States government has said its policy toward taiwan has not changed since the visit china has stopped dialogue with the u.s regarding climate change and military matters reports say the taiwanese military drove the chinese military away but with tensions high and the chinese government still angry it’s yet to be seen if it.

Will keep pushing closer to physically claiming taiwan as its territory for inside edition digital i’m mara montelbano you

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