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Chinese hospitals ‘extremely busy’ as COVID spreads

Chinese hospitals and funeral homes were under intense pressure on Wednesday as a surging covid-19 wave drain resources the scale of the outbreak and doubts over official data prompted some countries to consider new travel rules on Chinese visitors in an Abrupt change of policy China this month began dismantling the world’s strictest.

Covered regime of lockdowns and extensive testing putting its battered economy on cause for a complete reopening next year the lifting of restrictions came after widespread protests against them some International Health experts say this means covet is spreading largely unchecked and could be infecting.

Millions of people a day China’s foreign Ministry on Wednesday said there should be a scientific basis for implementing covid-19 rules after the U.S government announced it may impose new measures for travelers from China U.S officials made the announcement on Tuesday that the concerns over a quote.

Lack of transparent data coming from Beijing Japan has said that from December 31st it will require a negative covered test upon arrival for travelers from mainland China while Taiwan will test arrivals from China from January 1st Italy has also said it will impose mandatory testing for travelers from China.

In a major step towards Freer travel China will stop requiring inbound travelers to go into quarantine from January 8th authorities said this week the Global Financial Hub of Hong Kong also said on Wednesday it would scrap most of its last remaining covered restrictions the speed at which China the last major country in the world.

Moving towards treating the virus is endemic has scrapped covered rules has left its fragile Health System overwhelmed China reported three new covert related deaths for Tuesday up from one for Monday these numbers are inconsistent with what funeral parlors are reporting as well as with the experience of much less populous.

Countries after they reopened

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