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Chinese ambassador praises Albanese government

Chinese ambassador praises Albanese government

China’s ambassador to Australia has fronted the media to praise the Albanese government for helping reset and repair relations the shift in sentiment could prove promising for exporters and to Australians currently detained in China but tensions remain over International Security political reporter Olivia casely filed this report.

The new year is showing signs of resolution China’s ambassador to Australia toasting the relationship in a further sign the Diplomatic deep freeze has thawed to your house to the friendship between China and Australia cheers in a rare address to the Australian media Ambassador Xiao Chen credited the.

Change of government of providing an opportunity for that reset he described 2022 as an extraordinary year for the australia-china relationship with both prime minister Anthony albanesi and foreign minister Penny Wong having met with their counterparts it is positive it was constructive and it was productive but despite the improvements.

If differences remain Ambassador Chen reiterated China’s opposition to the orcas agreement and Australia’s ambition for nuclear submarines I don’t think Aquas is a good idea I don’t think it’s constructive I don’t think it’s uh helpful especially when you’re targeting China Ambassador Chen was also pressed about whether this Rosier relationship.

Could result in China dropping 20 billion dollars in trade sanctions it’s imposed on Australian products the Ambassador also expressed hope that a solution may be found when it comes to China’s Detention of Australians Chung Lei and yang Heng Jun but asked that Australia respect China’s legal processes Olivia casley Sky News.