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China’s COVID surge prompts Japan to tighten border restrictions

The U.S government is considering new covid-19 measures for travelers coming from China it’s according to Reuters the outlet reports officials are blaming what they’re calling a quote lack of transparent data from Beijing China is seeing a Spoke Spike rather in covid-19 infections since the country dropped many of its strict pandemic rules.

Hospitals and funeral homes say they are overwhelmed but the government is reporting only a handful of new coveted deaths CBS News foreign correspondent Lucy Craft is in Tokyo with more thank you for being here so what is the situation like in China right now how are the hospitals dealing with this Spike.

Well Deborah as of yesterday officially only about 5 000 people have died from covet in China but the signs of distress of an explosion of cases are evident crowded fever clinics hospitals that have run out of beds one doctor at a Beijing Hospital said that their awards are so full any new patients are forced to stay in the emergency room funeral.

Homes are so overwhelmed bodies are being stored in shipping containers one post from northern China showed hallways filled with long lines of coffins this is just heartbreaking Lucy why is the Chinese government not reflecting this in their official stats you know it’s common to use excess mortality as a gauge for measuring.

Fatalities associated with the virus the Chinese government has instead adopted an unusually narrow definition of covet deaths so that their mortality rate appears quite low this is at odds with who guidelines observers say China is understating covert related fatalities for political reasons it’s trying to minimize the impact of its prolonged.

Zero covet policy followed by an Abrupt abandonment of lockdowns and stringent controls that have unleashed the world’s biggest covet surge and Lucy Japan’s prime minister announced that the country will tighten its border controls for travelers from China starting this Friday so what measures does that include.

Yes the Border controls are basically a return to the strict protocols that Japan had maintained until last October he said that these new rules apply only to anyone entering the country from China that’s including Chinese and Japanese Nationals and other foreigners everyone will be screened for covid those that test positive will have to.

Quarantine for a week in a designated facility the number of flights between Japan and China also will be limited to just a fraction of the number flying pre-pandemic and Lucy China announced it’s lifting its border restrictions early next year so what does that include and what are the concerns around it.

So starting January 8th inbound Travelers will no longer be required to quarantine this basically frees up Chinese to travel abroad freely again for the first time in three years travel sites in China were inundated less than an hour after the announcement while the news is a relief to Chinese citizens it worries other countries Japan as well as.

The U.S concerned about China’s huge spike in covid cases and the potential for unleashing new and possibly more dangerous virus mutations Lucy Craft we thank you so much for your Insight

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