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China warns of stronger response following Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “China warns of stronger response following Pelosi’s Taiwan visit” here is their detail.

Welcome back to the exchange everybody u.s china tensions rising following house speaker nancy pelosi's controversial trip to taiwan eunice yoon is live in beijing with the latest hi eunice hey tyler well speaker pelosi has departed taiwan but the repercussions of.

Her visit are still unfolding the speaker pledged u.s solidarity with taiwan an island that beijing claims it's its own she was granted a medal of honor from the island's president who also hosted a luncheon with her with other top business leaders including the founder of chip foundry tsmc speaker pelosi also visited taiwan's parliament.

Where she was promoting the u.s chips act and she met with human rights activists now she's now in south korea but pretty much everyone in the region is waiting to see if there's going to be further fallout from her visit the chinese military.

In about 11 hours from now is expected to hold extensive exercises all around taiwan a taiwan officials have actually said that this would violate their territorial waters and the concern is that these drills could lead to an accidental escalation taiwan officials are also fearing a potential impact on the global supply chain saying that the.

Pla drills are acting as an air and sea blockade of taiwan now authorities on the islands warn that the live fire drills are happening will are expected to happen very close to ports they say that they're also coordinating with aviation authorities around the region in japan and the philippines for example up for airline uh for air traffic.

Re-routing and that's because some of the airlines have been reporting that beijing has warned them about staying away from parts of the island that are described as danger zones now the exercises are scheduled to end on sunday but it's very unclear if the measures that china is taking will also come to an end uh the foreign ministry.

Today seem to suggest that there were more measures to come when asked about further punishment the spokesperson said china will take all necessary measures to resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity we will do what we say ty.

All right thank you very much eunice yoon and uh if those exercises are going to go until sunday we're only at wednesday and of course that means there are five more days for things to happen

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