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China to scrap mandatory quarantine for arriving travellers from Jan 8

China to scrap mandatory quarantine for arriving travellers from Jan 8

From zero covet to zero quarantine China will scrap its five-day mandatory quarantine for incoming Travelers and will resume issuing visas for Chinese traveling abroad easing of some of the last vestiges of strict measures against the coronavirus pandemic has triggered Elation in one of the largest world’s largest travel and tourism markets.

A wave of travel Euphoria hit China after two years of enduring strict and bitter lockdowns the country finally opening its doors to the world um mere minutes after the announcement online travel portals recorded a spike in searches for flights to popular.

Overseas destinations Thailand Japan and South Korea topping the list from tourism to business to financial markets the rebound and confidence cheered by investors and business people across Asia Europe and the US the hope that easing of restrictions will Propel growth in the world’s second biggest economy this after Beijing announced an.

End to its mandatory quarantine for inbound Travelers starting next week the current rules call for five days in a centralized facility and three days at home although Chinese traveling abroad must still take a PCR test in the 48 hours before departing that requirement may be little Comfort to some countries such as Japan which are preparing for a.

Wave of arrivals from China where covid-19 cases are surging it is foreign coinciding with official Fizz showing only one 11 days to Monday in a country of 1.4 billion people where the coronavirus is now spreading largely unchecked.

And for more elevation joins us live from Chongqing Olivia we just heard in that package excitement people saying travel plans that have been put on hold can now resume what other responses have you heard on the ground from this announcement of easing travel of Curves wellbees who certainly uh excitement from various Quarters here in China.

After all this comes after three years that China has largely remained closed off and shut to the world since the covid-19 pandemic hit and speaking about travel Euphoria one travel platform group in fact said that searches for some overseas destinations went up by 10 times in the first half an hour that the news broke off with these.

New changes being announced by uh Chinese authorities as well immigration authorities today following up on yesterday’s announcement releasing a notice that the approval of ordinary passports for Chinese citizens traveling abroad or visiting friends will be resumed in an orderly manner they say as we had seen in the past three years that.

Chinese authorities had continued to tighten travel rules under 0 covet policy as it stepped is it stopped issuing passports or what it said were non-essential overseas travel um authorities now have also said that it will resume processing visas for Mainland residents traveling to Hong Kong for tourism and business and so all.

These are big moves and I spoke to several foreign business groups here in China as well who have all as we would expect welcome to move the Singapore business chamber saying that this is a signal that China is Keen to boost its Economic Development the American Business chamber also telling me that travel restrictions and these lengthy.

Quarantines have been the top complaint of its member firms in the last few years and so these steps are a big move people very pleased I think we knew it was coming but it did seem to be a bit of a surprise that it came so fast there’s certainly pinup demand people want to get here uh so I’m positive about that the good news is that it.

Looks like travel is possible it looks like quarantines will be uh done away with so that will mean you can do a trip in and out of China so that’s the first step the second step is actually flights there still are not that many flights coming in and out of China so we’re starting to hear some Airlines talk about adding flights uh in March or.

April so that’s good news the European business chamber also telling me that while the latest moves May boost business confidence um China is still in the midst of its paradigm shift in trying to adapt to living with the virus and so uh it might be that their members they say will still be waiting to see how the.

Situation evolves on the ground and before making any decisions to its long-term business Investments here in China Oliver as you mentioned adjusting to living with covid-19 every country that has had to do this has faced a early spikes of infection from cobit 19. but officials in China defending continued.

Relaxation of measures despite a surge in cases that’s right Health officials held a news conference earlier today in which they were asked um you know about some concerns that have been raised by Chinese citizens particularly about the downgrading of the management of covet from a type a.

Infectious disease to a type B uh you know infectious disease and so the question was whether this would aggravate the current situation as we have already seen hospitals being overwhelmed and mortaries being overwhelmed as well but a senior Chinese Health official defended the move he was Keen to.

Emphasize that categorizing covet as type B at this downgraded level does not mean abandoning China’s covet controls but it’s more of or letting the virus rip through the country instead he instead said that the at present the priority should be focused and the priority should be on pivoting from preventing infection to medical.

Treatment and that you know in the initial adjustment there would be a sudden search of infections which may trigger some temporary insufficiency of supplies so he said the Focus right now should be on a few things in particular vulnerable groups like seniors as well as getting them vaccinated but there’s also been caused by some health.

Officials that in particular ICU bids need to be stepped up in the coming days oh thanks for the elevation reporting live to us there from Chongqing

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