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China to reopen borders, end Covid-19 travel quarantine

China to reopen borders, end Covid-19 travel quarantine

For some of China’s youngest residents they have only experienced life under strict covert rules after almost three years of frequent lockdowns and closed borders Chinese citizens will be able to travel overseas again from January 8th mandatory quarantine for inbound visitors will also be scrapped but they will still have to undergo PCR testing.

I was quite excited when I heard the news it was unexpected I was looking forward to it and I suddenly heard about it I’m an avid traveler and it’s been three years since I last traveled China will start to welcome people again on work and study visas following the downgrading of the management of covert by the country’s health authority.

The dismantling of China’s zero covert policy began earlier this month after widespread public protests over it restricting people’s lives and crippling the economy since the announcement of borders reopening travel agencies have noted a surge in bookings despite Rising infections of the virus while officials have stopped releasing covert Data.

International Health experts estimate there’s more than one million daily infections in China it’s putting immense strain on the health system and all eyes are on the country’s president Xi Jinping and how he will manage this crisis having abandoned the zero covert policy he now has to address how the country.

Deals with this huge wave of infections and Hospital admissions the situation is also being watched closely by other countries with Japan following India’s decision saying it will require a negative covid-19 test for inbound visitors from mainland China due to the rapid spread of the virus there Karen Creed or t news.

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