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China to end COVID-19 restrictions for foreign arrivals as infections spike

China to end COVID-19 restrictions for foreign arrivals as infections spike

This is not a scene from December 2020 before widespread covid-19 vaccination it is from China in December 2022 hospitals and funeral homes struggling to deal with China’s largest ever surge of covid-19 cases the hospital is just overwhelmed from top to bottom so you know the the ER filled up with people the financial times reports that Beijing.

Officials privately estimate 250 million Chinese people contracted the virus in the first 20 days of December I’m exhausted this ER doctor tells Chinese State tv even the much lower official numbers of cases and deaths are now unknown China has simply stopped publishing figures and it has said a higher bar for what constitutes a covert.

Death the wave comes just weeks after China began to dismantle its strict zero call with strategy first introduced almost three years ago the changes following a series of protests from a very weary population president Xi Jinping has asked officials to do whatever is feasible to save lives in this wave but beijing’s 180 yawn zero.

Covid continues a pace on January 8 hotel quarantine will end for passengers arriving on international flights China’s full vaccination rate is high but less so among seniors and studies indicate its domestic vaccines are much less effective at preventing serious cases last week the World Health Organization said it believes China is.

Looking at registering a western mRNA vaccine we would certainly encourage that kind of work the true long-term impact of China’s strategy will only become clear in time right now many Chinese people are dealing with concerns and fears many of us first faced more than two years ago Redmond Shannon Global News London.

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