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China slams Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “China slams Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan” here is their detail.

Jay let's start first of all with what was the purpose of nancy pelosi's trip and why now well a lot of people in washington are asking the same question she initially had planned to go on the trip earlier it was cancelled because of covet and for nancy pelosi this has been something that she's carried on.

Throughout her political career standing up to china she was in tiananmen square just after the deaths there and and has continued to push that envelope and really show support for taiwan and their independence and their commitment to democracy and and that's what she was doing on this trip now wasn't on the official schedule.

For her asian tour but most people knew that it was going to happen it may have been the worst kept secret in in washington and her time there was brief but she at every turn continued to really stress the importance of the relationship between taiwan and the u.s and the commitment of the u.s.

To continue that relationship and to support taiwan jay i understand there has been reaction from china what are they doing yeah a couple of things and we've just found out that they've already started some restrictions against taiwan trade wise and that was expected as a result of this but china has said and has been.

Saying this repeatedly that there would be some serious consequences if the speaker made the trip now that she's been and gone we know that initially they buzzed the area that entire region with fighter jets and really stepped up live ammunition military exercises in that entire taiwan strait area just a show of.

Force they have said that this is uh and i want to quote this correctly here a serious violation that infringes on china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and they are demanding uh that the u.s apologize for this and and make sure that it in their thinking.

Doesn't happen again of course speaker pelosi said during the entire trip that no one's going to tell the u.s congress where and when they can go and that more delegations are expected so this is a tug of war that's going to continue for quite some time and there is concern on the military.

Side i want to tell you that taiwan's armed forces have stepped up their alert level at this point and we now know there are four us warships in the water east of taiwan now the navy says that they are their gin for routine deployments but really nothing in that region seems routine at this point yeah indeed so some saber rattling by china.

And just quickly jay i got about 30 seconds left the white house has tried to dis distance itself from nancy pelosi's choices here so will there be um you know difficult relations in an already sort of difficult relationship between china and the biden administration.

Yeah well there certainly could be and i think what you have to do as you look at the fallout of this is look in two levels economically what's going to happen between the the two countries but second the war in ukraine the u.s has made it clear to china that they don't want them supporting russia in.

That effort there are now indications that that could change that china could provide some weapons including drones to russia to use in the war in ukraine of course if that happens it's going to change the entire dynamic between the two superpowers interesting ripple effects okay nbc's jay gray in washington with.

The latest thanks jay

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