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China seethes as Pelosi visits Taiwan

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “China seethes as Pelosi visits Taiwan” here is their detail.

Touchdown in taiwan u.s house speaker nancy pelosi arriving late tuesday for the highest level visit by an american official here in 25 years this taipei skyscraper giving a bright welcome to the democrat who says in a statement the visit honors america's unwavering commitment to supporting taiwan's vibrant democracy.

but the closely watched stop that wasn't formally announced but was widely expected has china seething in a message on state media the chinese foreign ministry says the tour seriously damages peace and stability in the taiwan strait and has a severe impact on the political foundation of china-u.s.

Relations taiwan is stepping up security chinese warplanes buzzed the line dividing the taiwan strait on tuesday before pelosi's arrival china claims the self-ruled island as its own and beijing considers visits by foreign government officials as recognizing taiwan's sovereignty china just announcing its people's.

Liberation army will stage exercises near taiwan starting thursday beijing is accusing some american politicians of playing with fire on the issue of taiwan warning this will not have a good outcome russia tossing its support behind china calling pelosi's travel provocative and something that would put the u.s on a.

Collision course with beijing there was already unease in taiwan before pelosi landed air raid shelters have been prepared here as the democratic island faces rising chinese military tensions pelosi said to me with top officials in taiwan wednesday as the u.s military increases its presence in the region.

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