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China loosens travel restrictions amid COVID-19 surge

China loosens travel restrictions amid COVID-19 surge

Covid is running rampant in China and hospitals are filling up patients wait outside to get into emergency rooms only to then crowd hallways inside countries adjusting the covet policy would invariably go through a period of adaptations as a spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Ministry China is no exception as we shift gear in our covet.

Policy just days from now it’ll be easier for people to travel outside China I was quite excited when I heard the news Kyle Wu says it’s been three years since he last traveled but there’s concern over what China’s coveted situation means globally the United States Italy and Japan will now.

Require a covet test from visitors from mainland China One infectious disease specialist says Canada should consider doing the same if there’s a lot of people with kovi coming in possibly different strains and the world might see an increased number of covet but the impact is not going to be as it was before the majority of Canadians have.

Been exposed to covid Transport Canada tells CBC News it’s monitoring the situation and Canada’s public health agency says a variant driving cases in China has been detected for a number of months until weeks ago the Chinese government worked aggressively to stamp out kovid but eased rules after mounting public pressure ninety percent of people.

In China have had two vaccine doses but for those over 80 it’s only two-thirds and chinese-made vaccines are widely seen as less effective than mRNA vaccines you used elsewhere most patients are elderly with severe symptoms says this Beijing doctor situation so dire funeral processions have been constant.

A lot of these deaths are because people can’t access health care because the hospitals are overwhelmed as the virus surges in China other countries may be forced to consider if they need to be more cautious with visitors arriving from this hot spot Julia Wong CBC News Edmonton

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