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China issues new threats after Pelosi lands in Taiwan

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And we are waiting for china's next move after house speaker nancy pelosi landed in taiwan about an hour ago they're 12 hours ahead now so it is straight up midnight so not a lot of movement now they have driven the caravan or the the motorcade down into subterranean parking and just the last few minutes we watched.

That on the faulkner focus and we will wait for the next movements there by the speaker of the house meanwhile china's foreign ministry has released a statement just a few minutes ago warning her visit is a quote serious violation and a major political provocation and threatens the united states again they've been doing it for.

Days this is outnumbered i'm harris faulkner here with my co-host i'm so glad to see you emily compagno and kaylee mcinerney also joining us today dr nicole sapphire and james freeman we're going to rock it right now as i showed you speaker pelosi is in the capital city of taipei she is the highest ranking elected u.s official.

To visit taiwan in more than a quarter century and a furious china is ratcheting up the threats against the u.s it has just released that statement let's get into more of it the united states for its part has been attempting to use taiwan to.

Contain china it constantly distorts obscures and hollows out the one china principle steps up its official exchanges with taiwan and emboldens taiwan independence separatist activities these moves like playing with fire are extremely dangerous those who play with fire will perish by it.

That's a quote the chinese state media now reporting the military will hold live fire exercises around taiwan between august 4th so thursday of this week and august 7th that is just after pelosi will have land left taiwan but there are now also reports that a series of military operations could start tonight.

Chinese warplanes at the ready reported flying very close to taiwan already the taiwan strait earlier today in a provocative move we saw them we also have some new chilling footage of chinese amphibious tanks on the beaches opposite taiwan and taiwan launched military drills to prepare their people for the worst and.

Four u.s warships including the aircraft carrier the uss ronald reagan are positioned in waters east of taiwan the world awaits and watches for china's next move and how the united states might respond james freeman this went from we don't know if she's going she touches.

Down and they go crazy yeah they don't need to go crazy other officials have visited in the past and good for nancy pelosi i there's a lot to criticize in her public record but one thing she has been outstanding on for decades is standing up for the free people of taiwan and and this this wonderful.

Island of liberty this success uh you go back to bush days to clinton days she has always been in many ways better than the white house saying these are our friends and good for her and you bring up a point that senator manchin just talked about and that is the fact that we've had a lot of.

Delegations go delegates go that sort of thing but this moment in time is so different emily that's right and she's in the presidential line of succession and i think that's really important for us to remember and also why the administration's officials have said well maybe china doesn't quite understand that this isn't an official.

Administration visit that they confuse it that she's a democrat also so they're sort of conflating the two but i think because she's in the presidential line of succession that's why this is so important we talk about the potential impact to taiwan too already it's my understanding based on the president of the eurasia group that a hundred ships.

Of food exports have already been cut off from the mainland so this visit has just started and yet there's already been major consequences um and i just want to point out going back to that that import the chinese ambassador to the u.s said in july that the question of taiwan for us is the most sensitive important core issue in china-u.s.

Relations and against the backdrop of there being you know everything else on the table the fact that that is their number one priority to me speaks volumes about why they are taking this so seriously so kaylee what happens if we don't get it right and the timing of this is really interesting too because china's looking across the world and.

Seeing what russia has done with ukraine yeah well the sad truth is we haven't gotten it right the response from the biden administration has been weak it's been paltry it's been inexcusable i was appalled to watch the press secretary corrine jean-pierre we played the clip yesterday asked about these chinese threats which are real which are.

Actual they are not hypothetical and her response to peter ducey was i will not answer a hypothetical no no no no if you are asked about a threat from another power yes you have to be measured in your response you have to talk to the national security council but you exhibit american strength john kirby had to clean it up he got out yesterday on.

The airwaves and said this is an important visit we support the speaker which should have been the point from the get-go but that aside we have been so strategically weak against china axios did a really good report on the four years of the trump administration and they said in 2017 trump put billions of dollars.

Of tariffs on chinese goods by 2018 2019 a whole of government approach was taking form by 2020 there were 210 executive actions against china where is that approach from biden and why isn't it happening good for the house speaker i'm so glad she stood firm but why is she more of a leader against china than the current president of the united.

States um dr sapphire i know we can get into the politics we can do a lot of it but i want to talk about the height of the pandemic that's exactly right i want to go right there and how we haven't learned anything you know we still aren't making those critical i'll just give a couple of examples medications like for diabetes.

In this country the way we should we're still like capitulating to a country that hates us well harris you really hit the nail on the head there i mean at this point i think a visit of this level is way overdue at this point the small but mighty taiwan were the true ally to not only the united states but the world at the beginning of covid they tried to.

Alert us about the outbreak human human transmission but china lied and people died and the way that this white house has thanked them for it they've just completely turned their back on the free people of taiwan and what is ccp doing right now because they need to keep their image on the world stage and it has usually been about rhetoric and.

Conjecture but now they do have the military strength to back it up and unfortunately the united states remains very dependent on china for our medications and for a lot of our imports and what are they doing right now they're trying to cut off taiwan by stopping the imports they're going to do the same thing to united states and this.

Just reminds us that we need to stop being so reliant on the chinese communist party so you talked about what former president trump did and and james we know that they hold so much of our debt what leverage do we have and by the way we didn't even get into all of the fentanyl they're killing our young.

People here they're getting it into this country over the border south of us i mean they are really able to hurt us in so many different ways uh it's a complicated relationship it's uh it's harder than the old cold war in terms of we are uh integrated with them economically and we have benefits and that's why you know we.

Don't want a cold war like we had with moscow but can we pause right there because today with their threats of military and ships and warships it doesn't feel very cold in terms of cold war no and i think one thing that does make this a dangerous time is the the president has been uh very unclear on what his policy is he.

Will make a statement and then staff will come out a few hours later and say no that's not really what he meant and we're left wondering what what did he mean what did he think he was saying at the time so so that is a problem but uh and and you go back uh you know reviewing the history xi jinping who now runs that country is an old-fashioned.

Communist thug uh when he came to power roughly a decade ago then vice president biden was in charge of managing that relationship and he completely misjudged this man completely misunderstood what he represented which was unfortunately a turn away from what had been a very nice trend toward liberalization market opening in china so we we need to.

Be strong to to get back to that uh approach and to encourage them to to come back to what worked you talk about where biden was and it's hard not to think about where the investigation is now with hunter biden you have to think about that you have to ask questions why have we seen really unparalleled weakness against china from biden.

Alongside this investigation i think it's fair to ask the question but look compare over four years how the enemies of our country acted versus how they are acting now you have china who has threatened to take out the third in the line of presidential succession they have leveled that threat they have said that they're going to engage in some.

Sort of military action they're still a rational nation i don't believe they're going to engage in something over against nuclear power that being said they're flexing their muscle putin invaded ukraine that didn't happen over four years of the last administration al qaeda flooding into afghanistan we decimated isis during the four years i.

Was there um there is a difference iran thinking they're on the verge of a perhaps a nuclear deal our enemies are more emboldened than ever and you've got one reason for that and he's sitting in the oval office i guess not today but in a few days well look we all know just regard to putin invading other countries the only president that he hasn't done.

That with in the 21st century was trump i mean that's just a plain fact all right

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