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China holding military drills around Taiwan as Pelosi visits

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “China holding military drills around Taiwan as Pelosi visits | News Night” here is their detail.

Military exercises around taiwan in response to the controversial visit of u.s house speaker nancy pelosi despite beijing’s strong objections the joint military drills will be conducted at multiple locations in taiwan and china says that their military is also on high alert there will be sea and air exercises at long range and live fire.

Drills along the taiwan street in the next four days beijing says it will exhaust all means to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity china has also summoned the u.s ambassador to lodge its protest over pelosi’s visit china has only been compelled to act out of self-defense and any counter-measure that china will take.

Would be justified and necessary but pelosi says her visit only affirms u.s commitment and support for taiwan’s vibrant democracy they are also not veering away from the so-called one-china policy russia and north korea condemned the u.s move while the united nations reiterates the u.n resolution in 1971 recognizing only one china.

Philippine officials are also closely monitoring the developments in taiwan and we already have a program for repatriation in case there is a necessity to do that government data show that some 200 000 filipinos are working and living in taiwan and most of them are in the manufacturing industry sector in guangzhou china tristan udallo.

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