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Cebu church official addresses depiction of Carmelite sisters in ‘Maid in Malacañang’ film

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Cebu church official addresses depiction of Carmelite sisters in ‘Maid in Malacañang’ film” here is their detail.

Film in itself is not warm it is a morally literary okay it's done for entertainment some old people do it you know to protect them from Alzheimer's to keep their minds busy what this home is to play mahjong as in a gambling situation but without that I think technically speaking there's nothing wrong with playing.

Machines well the sisters are a little bit offended that they have not been consulted about the movie in the making of this movie the sisters are a little bit heard that there is this uh unnecessary scene of them see me playing my journey because in the Kingdom the multiple which is not clear to the.

Sisters why it was detected that way because in reality what has circulated to this day is the story and I can tell it to you uh Chris Aquino was a very young girl when we came to standing with her mom at the time and when she arrived at her room she noticed that her sisters didn't have any mirrors she gonna fix herself in the mirror and.

She was asking for a mirror that I know is historically accurate but anything about the Mahjong I really don't know and I suppose it did not happen for the Sisters tell us that no such thing is the sisters do this they do not play button what statements yes it is clear that again as I've said.

When we do a historic historical fictionalization of the events of real history that all the details are accurate it's expected you know so in fact the habits of the sisters do not reflect their habit the neighbor War a habit to that one is that one like the ones who see in the movie they have these long robes that is in brown and so.

That in itself is a small um small inaccuracy in the depiction of the sisters in the movie If ever the movie Wanted at all to refer to them clear personal observation like um respect well you know the entertainment world is free to express itself because it's an art form and there is a freedom of.

Expression and so we really cannot stop anybody from doing something no so freedom of expression leads to several forms pornography even I know this and all that so it has been proliferating all over media all over in various platforms so these are so-called self-expressions of people are oftentimes done for a commercial purpose.

So um really uh this what this thing is not new to us it's it's something that is quite commonly occurring and has affected many similar historical incidents in the past uh like you have the historical rendering of for instance of how Henry behave no um.

Divorced their wives based on the famous novel written by Philippa Gregory and as we made the disorder movies even the life of the royal family has been defected recently in a series for Netflix uh entitled I think the the Royals there are several events that because you know one form of entertainment is to.

Take inspiration from actual events but know that it is not intended to educate it is intended to entertain a form if it was intended really to entertain uh not to inform rather they would have come up with a series documentaries but what was arrived that was this movie which is a popular form of entertainment so clearly even the.

Producers do not intend this to be a historical account of Defense in the most accurate manner but may be inspired by the events but not the event as per se as it happened in history um because of the portrayal of the nuns can you explain um.

There's been a long time the sisters have been with us since the 1950s and the sisters are the the the chapter with the sisters before go-to place for people who are experiencing some form of Crisis or trouble in their lives whether it's a Health crisis it's a relational crisis it's a money crisis they run to the.

Chapel of the sisters to pray but at the same time to ask for the Sisters prayer shivanos know the practice of bringing trays of eggs for sis to the sisters in exchange for their prayers so the sisters are well loved and well respected and they are they are our go-to people when we need the help of prayers from other people so I suppose.

The people who have the same help from sisters prayers uh we just wanted to show to everyone that the sisters deserve to be better treated and then the way they seem to have been portrayed in this movie If ever it was intended to portray them at all in the first place statement No the exercise system symbol.

Will not issue a statement because it does not affect anything of their science it simply go directly and we don't want also to provoke anyone by just coming up with the non-warranted statement because right now we feel that we don't need to make such a statements so again to the general public my advice is be aware that we are watching a movie.

And like on movies you have the right to choose to watch it or not to watch it and like all movies their principal purpose is entertainment not information maybe a little of the infotainment But realize that it's more entertainment than information giving so be aware that everything that you see there will in a way be a work of fiction.

Foreign for a certain period for some people to watch it and then maybe we can review how people reacted to the movie but now it's really too early for us to say that is to pray uh they wanted to remind everybody that at the time of the event referred to in the movie they were praying and passing.

With Corey Akuma and thirdly the sisters were not involved in the making of the movie at all a consulted they were not interviewed and so the movie was made without the participation and so they just want us to be aware of these three things especially please read the letter in detail because although there is a Miss.

There is uh the sisters misprinted the title of the movie he said the one thing to say made in malacanyan it is written here made in heaven so maybe sisters are always thinking so that was the General consensus that this scene has something to do with Corey at the cabinet Monastery back in.

1986 so that's why the sisters just have to Asian statement because they have been asked actually even by media to reach your success that time well we really cannot say that for now because as I've said it's too early for us to make our judgment because it will not be fair to the.

Producers of the movie and to the people involved in the production and making the movie that including the celebrities I know that goofa is playing the role of simile of the famous personality of Imelda Marcos but uh it's too early for us to say that because we still have to see the movie in its entirety we will be accused of you know history.

Generalization prejudicial statements uh if we say a lot of things now when I personally have not even seen not even the trailer I just heard about it from Tick Tock I know that this is part of a three-part climate supposed to be this part then a second movie will come out something to do with the assassination of Kino I think it's.

Called Murder or Massacre and there's a third part about the family of the current president Universal based on Tick Tock Clips you know so I really don't know if it's really intended to be their trilogy but you look at Tick Tock and there is that already going around on social media especially thank you.

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