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CDC warns of increased strep throat cases

An increase of strep throat cases is leading to an Amoxicillin shortage, health experts said.

CDC warns of increased strep throat cases

Concern over a bacteria that can cause serious illness especially in children kcal9’s car finstrom has more latest worry strep a and a shortage of liquid amoxicillin antibiotic that’s used to treat it that shortage could go on for months but the CDC says the good news is if you head to your local pharmacy and they run out there are.

Substitute treatments available this search comes on the heels of the triple demek which has already caused so much sickness in kids I was coughing a lot the shelves are pretty empty there’s not that much to look at I usually buy the combo where it’s the am and the PM and I haven’t been able to find that Jalen’s mom had a tough time getting her hands.

On children’s pain relief products because of the huge demand stores like Target CVS and Walgreens have put restrictions on the number of items folks can buy online and in some stores covid-19 influenza and RSV all viruses have been circulating at once and now the CDC is monitoring recent increases in severe strep cases which can be.

Life-threatening still they stress that’s very rare with the vast majority of strep cases resolving on their own because viral and infections sometimes lead to bacterial ones doctors say this isn’t a total surprise now to help with the ongoing run on drug stores the federal government has also released some of its reserves of Tamiflu that can.

Be used early in a flu infection to lessen severity Cara finstrom KCAL 9 news