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CBC News: The National | Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Hockey Canada, Soaring food prices

CBC News: The National | Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Hockey Canada, Soaring food prices

Tonight a Canadian first with the Ukrainian president Vladimir zielinski sits down with CBC News he has a lot to say about Canada’s support Russia’s attacks and Putin’s threats do you think Russia would launch a nuclear strike well right in front comes Katie.

Weatherston she stepped up and won Gold for Canada but says Hockey Canada let her down it felt like they just threw me to the Wayside I didn’t matter I didn’t matter as a person now she’s speaking out and as inflation slows food prices soar something has to be done this is ridiculous well Canadians ever catch a.

Break at the checkout this is the national with Chief correspondent Adrian Arsenault thank you for being with us the president of Ukraine Vladimir zielinski has never spoken to Canadians like he is tonight he sat down with just a few journalists from this country including our own Briar Stewart there is really.

Nobody in history who has followed a trajectory like zielinski from TV comedian to president to Leading his country in the biggest war Europe has seen in decades with its independence even survival at stake tonight he took on all questions thanking Canadians directly for their support as the sounds of explosions echoed overhead.

Late tonight zielinski announced 10 Russian drones had been shot down over Kiev as he sat down with Breyer for a one-hour interview you could hear some of them in the background nice to meet you even before Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski Begins the interview a reminder of the threat his country is living under was it shot down.

Yes he tells us there’s a lot of missiles and drones in the air one just hit Western Ukraine so he says he’ll be frequently checking his phones I need this for you especially because if I’ll have for example message that there is some you know possibility that it’s the direction is here I have to tell you.

But everything will be good but we’re sitting down with zelenski at a time when the country is under heavy attack by missiles and hundreds of self-destructing drones sold to Russia by Iran Iran Iran transfer drones that are used to kill ukrainians and they continue to kill he says.

Just this week at least four people were killed in this apartment building in the Capitol and several Power facilities were hit so much has been said about Ukraine’s resolve and you think this increase in attacks by drones and by missiles is going to make people more afraid and perhaps not have people able to carry on.

With life as they have been yeah moment there are moments when it’s scary but we don’t have another Choice he says and we don’t have another home this is very complicated for the entire world and for us one sec sorry throughout the interview more reports of drones well we’re sitting here a shahedron was.

Taken down by troops in the Kiev region he says and later two bangs could be heard outside above the building ah foreign system is working Ukraine has appealed for more air defense systems from NATO and while Canada has then to offer zielinski said he was pleased with the government’s support.

This is more than a partnership it’s almost like being relatives he says when it comes to Russia zelenski didn’t use President Putin’s name at all suggesting that Ukraine would negotiate when Russia was no longer occupying any of its territory including Crimea before 2014 from this point we can try he said any War finishes with the.

Negotiating table so from that point we can try to solve the question in the Diplomatic way so Briar I know that’s just over two minutes of a conversation that lasted roughly an hour you covered a lot of ground well we had a lot of questions we wanted to ask and we wanted to ask him about the increasing number of strikes what.

It’s like to lead a country that’s been invaded for eight months now and also just about the prospects for peace and he did Express worry about this just the winter because so many power plants have now been attacked you can see that in cities like this they’re already rationing power and starting tomorrow there will be restrictions on.

Electricity all across the country okay so hang tight Briar I have a ton of questions about this moment his thoughts for Canada your time in the country covering the war will have a lot more of that interview and you and I will talk about the back story in a few minutes now Ukrainian cities may be under Fire from drone and missile attacks but there.

Are signs Russian forces are in trouble in Ukraine South Russian installed officials began evacuating the Herson region getting civilians out on ferries because Ukrainian forces have destroyed Bridges effectively cutting off the occupying Russian Force the general in charge of the invasion admitted the situation is.

Difficult in Harrison signaling plans could change depending on the unfolding military situation another parts of the South are Under Fire as well this missile strike you just saw on an administrative building recorded in the russian-held city of inner hodar back in this country we are learning more tonight about the death of an RCMP.

Officer in British Columbia and learning more about the suspect now charged with first-degree murder Susanna Da Silva now with the new details and the outpouring of grief flowers now Overlook the field still dotted with police markers a tribute to the officer killed here I work in mental health and addictions I was nearly.

Killed myself on the job and I just needed to come down and pay my respects the crime still racing through the minds of those who were nearby they’re trying to revive the officer they were given our CPR I wish I was here like 10 minutes ago maybe I could stop there yeah I was just yeah it’s terrible police say Constable Shay Lin Yang died.

After being stabbed Tuesday morning she was checking on a tent in the park with the city employee now a 37-year-old man zhongwon ham is charged with first-degree murder just the day before a warrant for his arrest was issued related to an alleged assault that took place in Vancouver earlier this year but police say that wasn’t why the officer.

Was there console Yang was asked to assist in a notification to him that he was not permitted to be in the park they weren’t there to remove him at the time investigators say Yang shot him after she was allegedly attacked and that camera is nearby captured it all he is expected to survive local residents say the accused had been living in the park.

For around eight months I’ve seen him at the subway and I’ve seen him walking and most of the time he’s got a pretty big smile on his face but some say he shouldn’t have been living there at all he could have removed and maybe he needed to help but like that should not happen it should have been prevented police say trying to.

Support those in need is why the 31 year old officer volunteered to work in the homeless Outreach unit to go into this line of work and to help people and then to have to to pass away on the job it’s very heartbreaking a devastating loss for her family and fellow officers Susanna Da Silva CBC.

News Vancouver thousands of police officers from across Canada and the U.S are expected at a funeral tomorrow in Ontario for two police constables killed in the line of duty today private visitations were held at two separate funeral homes for Constable’s Morgan Russell and Devin.

Northrop they were shot and killed eight days ago while responding to a call at a home in Innisfil just north of Toronto tomorrow’s funeral in Berry isn’t open to the public but people are invited to pay their respects right along the procession route now inflation is cooling a bit in this country but new data shows food prices.

Are just soaring at a pace not seen in decades so the overall inflation rate hit 6.9 percent in September that’s down just a little bit from seven percent in August gas prices help slow inflation but food prices are pushing back according to statistics Canada they jumped 11.4 percent compared to just a year earlier.

And that is a pain so many Canadians feel every time they leave the grocery store Nisha Patel takes a look at what’s behind it these days a full grocery cart needs an empty wallet everything costs more the basics milk bread something has to be done this is ridiculous many Shoppers are doing what they can to get by just.

Going to get your groceries now you kind of look for better deals I never looked for those discount stickers in my life my entire life but now I search them out cereal costs almost 18 percent more compared to a year ago baked goods nearly 15 percent prices for fresh vegetables are almost 12 percent higher this Independent Grocer is offering.

Imperfect produce for less people are looking for that deal people are not caring as much about how pretty that apple is the store suppliers are charging 20 percent more in some cases and while the owners are trying not to pass that on it’s getting tough to compete with big chains we’re just really struggling in that sense and.

Keeping up with the costs and as well keeping items on our shelves for our customers there are a lot of factors driving this fertilizer is more expensive bad weather is hurting crops and Russia’s war on Ukraine is driving up Global grain prices consumers are also paying more for cars and Furniture though average gas prices fell seven.

Percent last month compared to the month before we’re headed in the right direction I think as Supply chains adjust and as demand gradually cools in response to higher borrowing costs but it’s still going to require some patience while the overall inflation rate cooled this economist says core inflation which strips out volatile.

Items like food and energy is still too hot history shows cooling these effects through higher borrowing costs is the better route usually so experts say the Bank of Canada has more work to do and many predict interest rates will go up by 50 to 75 basis points next week so none of this is good but I think the bottom line is that that people just.

Want to know is there any relief in sight when it comes to food prices in the short term Adrian there’s not a lot the Canadian dollar is really weak right now so all of those fresh fruits and vegetables that we import over the winter are going to cost more and unfortunately those costs will likely show up on grocery bills in the longer.

Term economists tell me that prices for some things like bread and cereal will eventually come down maybe a little bit but for some items This Is The New Normal the really important thing though is that food prices overall grow at a more manageable Pace instead of the double-digit increases we’ve been seeing well that will be a help all right Nisha.

Patel thank you you’re welcome so groceries are one pain point but the federal government is warning there will be more to come David Cochran now with what Ottawa says it can and cannot do to help a blunt warning from the Deputy Prime Minister times are tough they’re about to get tougher our economy will slow.

As the Central Bank continues to step in to tackle inflation it’s doing that by raising interest rates a solution to one problem which creates new ones mortgage payments will rise business will no longer be booming our unemployment rate will no longer be at its record low and so inflation Remains the biggest challenge on freeland’s.

Plate as Canadians struggle to fill theirs due to Rising costs of everyday essentials low-income people are just um they’re just getting overwhelmed by these higher food prices a lot of their you know their more limited income is going to food inflation has dropped from a high of 8.1.

Percent this summer to 6.9 percent now but with a Target rate of 2 percent that’s like a car doing 69 in a 20 Zone it’s slowing down but still way too fast the result says the opposition of the Liberals lead-foot approach to spending the Royal Bank says that the average family will pay three thousand dollars more in inflation and higher interest.

Rates these are the results of the half trillion dollars of inflationary deficits Canadians are cutting back on costs and so too is our government from this point spending will be limited so will government Aid we can’t support every single Canadian in the way we did with the emergency measures that we put in.

Place at the height of the pandemic instead the focus will be on helping low-income Canadians like the recent move to double the GST rebate any future help Will Follow That pattern to avoid adding fuel to the inflationary fire David Cochran CBC News Ottawa britons are also feeling economic pain.

Their inflation rate hit 10.1 percent today making those calls for prime minister Liz trust to resign a lot louder she answered her political opponents today like this I am a fighter and not a quitter well this brand new British government appears to be in complete chaos trust is struggling even for her own party.

Support after her economic plan through the country into chaos she scrapped that plan and her Finance Minister now she’s lost another senior member home secretary Sue Ella Braverman said she resigned after breaching ministerial rules but she left with a stinging letter a not so veiled attack on trust reading in part the business of.

Government relies upon people accepting responsibility for their mistakes Canada’s Chief Public Health officer is urging everyone to get their coveted booster shots and to get them soon as Karen Paul shows us that message comes with a warning of what could happen if more Canadians don’t roll up their sleeves.

At this Toronto vaccination clinic people are preparing for a potential surge in covet 19. people they’re just over it but like the science is there the science leading to please like this one from Canada’s top doctor keep your covid-19 vaccinations up to date because she says the alternative could be a possible return to restrictions whether.

For example mask wearing would help at least reduce some of that spread and the impact on the health system of course many of these measures are taken at the local and provincial levels as well I’m not here announcing any restrictions the Manitoba’s Premier is encouraging people to get a booster shot we want manitobans to be healthy so that they’re at work.

And that they’re able to help contribute to our economy about 80 percent of Canadians have received at least two covid shots half the population has had a third dose but a fourth shot just 14 percent based on daily infection numbers experts describe the risk of catching covet very high nationally the highest level severe in.

Alberta British Columbia and Prince Edward Island you’re going to be in in deep doo-doo in a month or two if you don’t start acting just at this time this ICU doctor doesn’t expect a deluge of covet patients in hospital but there’s a outbreak among healthcare workers then it can shut down significant parts of the hospital.

Capacity and if that happens he hopes politics won’t Trump science if the situation becomes sufficiently worrisome then I think the government will will have to act back at the Toronto vaccination clinic this man is worried about infecting his elderly mother masks went away indoors so I’d be happy to see that come back if more people like him.

Take precautions voluntarily maybe governments won’t have to step in Karen Pauls CBC News Winnipeg an Olympic gold medalist is speaking out against Hockey Canada Katie weatherston suffered career-ending injuries while on Team Canada she calls the financial aid she got from Hockey Canada an insult Ashley Burke explains why.

In their semi-final right in front comes Katie weatherston when the pressure was on Katie weatherston delivered for Hockey Canada foreign but she says when she needed Hockey Canada it didn’t deliver for her I felt like they just threw me to the Wayside I didn’t matter I didn’t matter.

As a person I didn’t matter my health didn’t matter all right let’s go after bringing home Olympic gold in 2006 weatherston says she suffered multiple hits to the head while on Team Canada that eventually cut her career short I didn’t say anything for a while because you want to play again you’re thinking you’re going to get better.

You don’t want to go up against Hockey Canada right you don’t want to be blacklisted in 2012 a doctor reported to Hockey Canada that weatherston had a concussion with prolonged post-concussion syndrome that was possibly permanent so weatherston asked Hockey Canada for help with medical bills which she says now average fifteen.

Thousand dollars a year I’ve even told them I’ve had to take a time off work I don’t have insurance and all I got back to my emails was unfortunately the four thousand dollars is all that I have to work with sorry the time limit had passed to submit an insurance claim or Sue she assumed Hockey Canada didn’t have the money to help until this summer.

When it revealed it had millions in reserve funds used to pay out sexual abuse allegations it just brought back all the emotions I went through during this time it was just an extra you know shot to the gut weatherston and her partner now question Hockey Canada’s priorities why should she suffer.

When they had the capacity to help Hockey Canada says the safety of our athletes is our highest priority and there are different insurance policies or self-insured funds that may be available but wouldn’t comment on the specifics of weatherston’s case on a tree for now she’s living a slower life and.

Says she’d give up her gold medal for her health Ashley Burke CBC News Spencerville Ontario the Iranian climber who sparked International concern after competing without a hijab is back in Tehran tonight El nazrachabi received quite the welcome those are just some of the hundreds who.

Showed up at the airport Before Dawn chanting El Naz is a heroine speaking to Iranian State media rakabi repeated what was posted to her Instagram account after the competition in Seoul that she simply forgot to wear a hijab after being suddenly called to compete she later met with Iran Sports Minister Iran has seen weeks of protests after a young.

Woman accused of wearing her head covering incorrectly died in police custody it is a record-breaking October in Alberta with Summer like temperatures well into the fall it’s been absolutely beautiful we’ve been extremely lucky this year why some say it could spell trouble in the future.

Next a big mess on Canada’s busiest Highway this dump box came off of the truck the strange sight and rush hour chaos plus more of our interview with the Ukrainian president you mentioned as you sat down that there was just a drone attack today Vladimir zielinski’s assessment of the war and his gratitude.

To Canada we’re back at two the national voted Canada’s best national newscast this dump box came off of the truck that’s just down the road what a mess it was a brutal rush hour commute this morning on Canada’s busiest Highway because that is the box of a.

Dump truck that slammed into and then got stuck under an overpass right on the 401 just west of Toronto the driver says he forgot to lower it after dropping off a load it was wedged right there for hours and so were many other poor drivers stuck in traffic as Engineers assessed the damage to the overpass and there is a new assessment tonight of.

The record-setting damage in Atlantic Canada caused by Fiona an initial estimate says the storm caused 660 million dollars in insured damage that would be the highest bill ever for a disaster in Atlantic Canada according to the insurance board of Canada but a lot more damage is not covered by insurance so the Bureau says the government will.

Have to pay an even larger bill air quality advisories continue in southern BC as ongoing wildfires just choke the region with smoke the Skies over Chilliwack thick gray today the same thing in Vancouver parts of BC’s Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley are under environment Canada’s highest possible pollution rating tonight the.

Smoke is expected to last until Friday and if you’re in Alberta well lucky you it still feels like summer there with temperatures well into the 20s the province has already broken dozens of October heat records but of course there’s a but as Aaron Collins shows us there could be trouble ahead like a gift that keeps on giving.

Record-breaking warm weather lingering in Alberta sparking conversations we were actually just talking about it when we got here it’s been absolutely beautiful we’ve been extremely lucky this year people have been calling it Autumn what do you think of that Autumn yeah it is a good term I bought like winter baby clothes and I’m not needing.

Them yet so so just how warm is it well hot enough to make one more trim of the lawn necessary making a tough transition for those in business to mow and clear snow this is more like June than October yeah it’s been warmer this October than than June of this year which is makes no sense to me I think that the seasons.

Have just moved the growing season may have moved too oh it really smells good lead is still coming up at this Farm even with Halloween Just Around the Corner we estimate that since we’ve been here we probably have another on average another 15 days of growing season and that’s basically it’s climate change.

He might be right heat waves are nothing new here that’s just weather but this hot dry spell is lasting longer than most a temperature shift that many experts attribute to climate change a potential problem for Alberta’s Farmers next spring and this drying out of our soils is not balanced by increased precipitation.

Events well then we are going to have more drought conditions and this is unfortunately what we are facing for the next spring so while warmer fall weather is a welcome change it’s a worry too you know you hear all this stuff about global warming and stuff so I’m enjoying it but in the back of my mind uh it’s kind of concerning a pleasant.

Surprise that could signal trouble down the road Aaron Collins CBC News Calgary coming up after the break we’ll return to our interview with Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski I want to ask you about the nuclear threat his thoughts on the war Russia’s.

Relentless attacks and the threats the kind of wartime access Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski gave to Canadian journalists is unprecedented there were just three reporters in the room with him including our Briar Stewart no script no conditions and as you’ll hear he was at times blunt thoughtful and for Canada grateful.

First of all I would like to say that Canada is reacting promptly enough to our requests uh concerning the support of Ukraine and this is true it doesn’t only relate to our relations with prime minister Trudeau although this has direct impact or warm relations and the opportunity to talk at any moment therefore I’m very grateful but I.

Am sure that this is first of all the influence the influentiality of the community of population of Canada towards Ukraine it was before Justin and before me and I’m sure that after us it will remain as is Canada supports not just with armored vehicles I’m Grateful by the way for the reaction to this request.

Of mine but I can probably say that this is an armored support I mean we talk if this is resolutions in the general assembly of the UN concerning the support of our sovereignty of the Crimea as a part of our country’s support of any resolution about territorial Integrity of Ukraine support in.

Condemning aggression this is more than Partnerships it’s something more something bigger it’s like being relatives regardless of the distance I want to emphasize once again the distance between the states is not measured in kilometers it is measured in completely different things in values.

And in attitudes towards each other’s history therefore Canada has supported us I don’t remember the entire number I hope the Prime Minister should have won defend it but I think it’s about 2 billion Canadian dollars it’s a very powerful support I realized that this is not the money of the.

Government but first of all it is the money of this society and the taxpayers so I’m truly grateful you know you mentioned as you sat down that there was just a drone attack today we saw a deadly attack the other day we saw policemen shooting at them to bring them down is Ukraine able to deal with the Drone threat.

We’re ready to deal with it we’re not just ready it’s not the first day that Ukraine’s been showing that we do fight and we can win all that overcome all that we just need Partners first of all Ukrainian energy sector Ukrainian Community is now suffering due to the lack of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense.

Systems and aircraft intermissile defense for us today is very very important these are the system that can save our society from this targeted Terror attacks and sure of course the main mission today of Russia is they’re hitting precisely our Energy System their goal is for the people to have no light they.

Are terrorists I want to ask you about the nuclear threat we’ve heard warnings from the Kremlin for quite some time do you think Russia would launch a nuclear strike and how do you begin to prepare the population for that possibility nobody knows what Russia will do tomorrow.

But we do know what the world has to do not to have one dress or others as to using nuclear weapons it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if ukrainia is in NATO or not a NATO member State it’s happening in Europe on European continent nobody is allowed to Simply blackmail once again blackmail as a terrorist.

The one who orders to kill people if you do that you have to know that in a second regardless of the result of your hit there will be a hit at your decision making Center in your state we can talk about Humane things for a long time but we’ll leave in the situation and with the kind of neighbor.

With who who doesn’t understand anything but power and the society in the Russian Federation must know they attack our society your president is killing civilians if you don’t exert pressure on your president then the world will be isolated from you will isolate itself.

From you the world won’t talk to you you speak in the language of threats you won’t have places to rest abroad we don’t want to have any connections with you you cannot earn you cannot have business with the world with Europe with Canada with the United States what kind of business are you talking you support the authorities of terrorists I want to.

Get back to President Putin for a moment because you’ve said you won’t negotiate with him you’ve even signed a decree forbidding it does that mean you only think this war can end when Putin is no longer in power I think that all in all in Russia there will definitely be a leadership that in one way or another Ukraine will.

Talk to but under the condition there is no war but under the condition there is not the language ultimatums but that is a dialect given that there is respect to our sovereignty and our nation and our state will there be a return to the state of relations that we had before the war I’m sure not they took too many people too.

Many lives the society will not forgive them that but politically we are geographically neighbors the level of the relations will depend on the way with the return happens and depending on the price we return our lands it will be the choice of our society whether to talk to them or not to talk at all and for how many years.

Tens of years or more how much it will take after this war until the societies will start start communicating again but no one knows that given that we know there are some groups particularly in the East that are pro-russian if Ukraine is able to take back all of its territory what happens to those people.

The people will get security the people will get European civilization people will get peace protection borders salaries capitals of Europe and the United States and Canada investors won’t be scared but will invest the money the country that’s not at work that’s what those people will get it’s not us it’s all of us you don’t.

Have we can’t separate those people if some of them wants to stay a citizen of the Russian Federation well no problem nobody is gonna persecute that person this person may just go to the Russian Federation and live there that’s that’s as simple as that a person with the past part of Ukraine cannot be.

A citizen of the Russian Federation yeah I uh I don’t let myself I don’t allow myself to get used to it you can get used to the war get used to the number of the victims you can get used emotionally killings killings it’s the war after all.

Consequences of the war but me I live with sure the idea that I’m not ready to get used to us suffering to get used to war to get used to not feeling pain from the kills and therefore I need the energy for it to motivate me every day to advance towards the victory.

I want to stay a living human being not just physically alive ball because the president of Russia is physically alive but there are certain questions about everything else so Briar that was just part of your hour-long conversation with zelinski we have a lot more to talk about with you including the feeling in that moment in.

The room I know I have some questions too we will get to that right after the break um foreign something Escape our defense system is working everything for the Ukrainian president even an interview with Briar Stewart.

Happens Under Fire And as you heard despite that calm zielinski says he refuses to get used to it so Briar that moment looked tense in there in terms of the air raid sirens going off what was the feeling like there well that air raid siren went off just as we were setting up for the interview so there was some discussion with staff.

About whether we should go down to the shelter or stay and proceed and in the end when the president walked in that was really the first thing he did was tell us he’d be you know frequently checking his phone because there were missile strikes and that can kind of continued all throughout the interview and on the one hand I think he wanted to.

Update us on the situation but on the other hand I think he wanted to reassure us and when we heard those bangs you know he kind of had a grin on his face when he said that that is the missile defense system working and and I’m curious what the process was like to get to that room and I asked that appreciating that you know security.

Concerns mean that there’s obviously some stuff you just can’t talk about well yes and we were able to disclose the location where that interview took place it’s at the Office of the President and it’s in a compound that’s kind of sealed off and it’s where he both works and he lives and there were obviously a number of checkpoints that.

We had to go through uh to get into that room and of course after we went through security we had to give up our electronic devices including our phones and laptops and in the course of the interview uh one thing I noticed in the transcript is that zielinski was asked directly you know did you order that crucial bridge.

Between Crimea and Russia blown up how did he handle that question I would say he took a pause he chose his words carefully and he said that we didn’t order it and then he went on to suggest that it was perhaps Russians that did it because of some kind of internal unrest do you have an impression uh Briar of how you think.

He’s holding up I think all things considered he’s doing pretty well I mean he was seemed to be very energetic we did ask him about just kind of his emotional state and he said that he doesn’t want to get used to the idea of living through War he doesn’t want to get you know hear about killings and not be affected by it he says what.

He is emotionally affected that’s kind of what motivates him to keep fighting but he also did talk about the need to kind of take a mental break to go out you know into the communities and to talk to people or even you know go for a ride in the car just to kind of take a step back from things and in terms of you and the team I know you’re there.

With Corinne you’re there with Fred and I’m wondering you know you’ve been there through a pretty striking time certainly with the drones and the bridge blowing up what is your gut telling you about where the conflict is at now I would say it’s in a dark place and I’ll sign suggests that it’s going to get worse before it gets better and you.

Have Ukraine and Western intelligence officials believe that there have been so many airstrikes here because Russia is losing ground on the battlefield and right now you have the Ukrainian military trying to retake hairson that’s an area that Russia has set its Annex and so you really do wonder if the Russian military pulls back from there.

Or or loses that area just how the country will respond and do you see that that notion of a dark time reflected sort of on the faces of the people you meet every day can you can you feel that there you know I think there are two things and I think it does kind of depend on on where people are living I mean we were in the city of zapparesia.

That was hit every night really for a period of 10 days and they had over 70 people die people there were very um traumatized by what had happening you had people that were deciding to put their kids on trains to send them to Western Ukraine because they didn’t think it was safe for them to be there anymore I think here in the capital you.

Really do see people uh trying to you know continue to go about their daily lives as soon as that siren ends or the missile strikes ends they you know come back up to the street and try to continue on but I think the real question is the real unknown is just if this continues on the strikes at the pace that it is at what point do people.

Psyches change and they do become more affected by it and they do start to change their behavior or even in some cases you know leave for safer ground all right Breyer an enormous thanks to you and the whole team welcome coming up next on the national as Canadians return to movie theater some.

Independent Cinemas say they’re being left behind it really is discouraging to see that it seems to be an act of greed why they’re pointing fingers at some big names Plus the story behind this artistic Fusion Fredericton meets Toronto meets Lego in tonight’s moment independent Cinemas are struggling to.

Bounce back with pandemic restrictions lifted and they say the big chains are to blame Lisa Shane shows us why while business is starting to pick up again Vancouver’s Rio theater is still struggling it’s extremely frustrating many independent theaters have traditionally had to wait several weeks to show new.

Films now it’s up to six months like for the South Korean film parasite and dark comedy everything everywhere all at once these Cinemas are caught between big chains and Distributors they blame Cineplex for monopolizing the market considering it owns about 75 percent of the screens in Canada we’ve been told by Distributors that if they give the film.

To us then Cineplex will not play the film in their theater Cineplex would not respond to CBC news’s inquiries about these practices but said in a statement ultimately it is up to film Distributors where they play their movies it did not agree to an interview neither did several Distributors we reached out to it really is discouraging.

To see that it seems to be an act of greed also a lack of concern for the consumer a couple of years ago that theater owner filed a complaint with the competition Bureau but it stalled some legal experts say the competition laws are subjective so it’s tough to prove Cineplex is doing anything wrong they’re also getting hit from yet.

Another angle many Indie Cinemas say Cineplex is branching out into their Niche Art House films we’re not a discount second run theater we’re just second run because we can’t be anything else all this as the pandemic has changed how people get their entertainment those audiences that might have gone to.

Independent theaters to see these films are now choosing to stay home and that’s all tied in with you know the way our movie going habits have changed as a result of the pandemic in the meantime these theaters are forced to find other options that means hosting live music or renting out the venue to stay alive Lisa shank CBC News.

Toronto okay so movies are one form of art but this this is something else entirely that is Lego and it speaks to one man’s love of his City well actually cities really cities plural because what you’re about to see is a mashup One Part Fredericton one part Toronto a labor of love born from the pandemic and tonight.

It’s our moment I started like building some things with my son and I realized that the Lego was totally different than when I was a kid you could do a lot more with it nowadays the idea hit me one day being at like downtown Fredericton was like what it looked like it was actually like a big city feel like where I’m from so I.

Combined where I’m from and Fredericton into one I keep thinking back to like where I’m from Toronto what does Toronto have that Fredericton doesn’t have a lot of major cities have a china town so what I wanted to do is recreate like a Chinatown block so I take like the Fredericton businesses and I apply them to that block came out amazing and.

People really loved that block when I’m putting together these buildings I I start from the base and then I start with the doors and the windows then you add your signage and then I like to weather in my buildings so they looked like they’ve been there like 100 years you got to get the right feel and the right attitude from that building this.

Is how my imagination works the buildings are familiar when you look at them but then you’re like oh wow like this feels different a lot of people saying that the exhibit was magical everyone was smiling as they’re looking at it like wow like that’s what it could look like if it was like a big city I I am I am astonished by this Chris and.

My pandemic project was simply not to get sick you invented a university says he’s never quite done he’s looking to you know maybe put a little bit of graffiti on some of the walls it just it never ends and it’s beautiful that is a national for October the 19th thank you for being with us have a good night thank you.

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