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Capture of El Chapo’s son incites cartel violence in Mexico

Capture of El Chapo’s son incites cartel violence in Mexico

Gunfire Flames chaos as a Crackdown on a drug cartel spilled into the streets throughout Sinaloa Thursday it is quite warning to be honest I have never seen this kind of violence and I have been covering drug trafficking in Mexico for about 10 years only on Thursday with the capture of a video the mouse Guzman the son of drug.

Lord El Chapo in culiacan the base for the Sinaloa cartel the cartel responded opening fire on troops in the streets and aircraft at the International Airport even a civilian passenger plane was sprayed with gunfire video posted on social media you can see people hitting the floor trying to make themselves as small as possible by the.

End of the day 10 security officers and 19 suspected cartel members were dead the smoke is clearing but a climate of fear remains just to let you know how bad this is one of my friends has a two-year-old son they had nothing in the fridge they couldn’t eat yesterday because they couldn’t get out to the street today roads remained blocked many.

Flights are still canceled Canadians in Mexico have been warned to shelter in place Pascal gallon of Vancouver has been coming here for years his boss tour plans may be on hold but he says he’ll keep flying south despite the risk of violence we have no plan to change our our habits we’ll probably keep on coming here unless things were to deteriorate.

Of course but for now a lot of his fellow Canadians just want to get home and back to normal yvettebrand CBC News Vancouver

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