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Canada will buy F-35 fighter jets to replace aging CF-18s

Canada will buy F-35 fighter jets to replace aging CF-18s

It has been quite the political Journey from this to this we will not buy the F-35 fighter jet to this the F-35 is a modern reliable and agile fighter aircraft and it is the right aircraft for our country the political Road may be at an end but for the Air Force and its Workhorse cf-18s.

There’s still a lot of Runway before the F-35 lands the First new planes in this 19 billion dollar deal don’t arrive until 2026. they won’t be fully up and running until 2029 and it could be 2034 before the last of the CFA teens are retired the Liberals were dead set against buying this warplane so what changed the aircraft has matured and we.

See now that many of our allies eight countries in particular are using the F-35 the Liberals also emphasize they ran a competition that looked at other possible Fighters a political smoke screen according to the opposition meant to cover the about term we supported the Liberals originally and and moving ahead with a competition but why it took seven.

Years uh to make a decision that we ultimately made over a decade ago uh is is something that caused taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money money is also on the minds of other critics who wonder whether the defense budget can handle spending billions on new Fighters and tens of billions on the Navy’s new frigates at the same time.

I was there as a minister as a deputy or as an ADM I would be proudly presenting it to you and saying this is how this is how you can be sure we can afford it if there is one thing all sides in this debate can agree on it’s that the F-35 has been a political football with the signing of the contract those days might be over.

Marie rooster CBC News Ottawa

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