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Canada vs. Germany – 2023 World Juniors Highlights

Canada vs. Germany – 2023 World Juniors Highlights

Good evening from Halifax it’s day three of the 2023 world junior hockey championship and the only game here in town tonight is Canada against Germany before Canada 19 year old Thomas millich who stopped all 10 shots in relief of Benjamin godro in the game against cekia for Canada Dennis Williams trying to get his team to regroup and go back to.

Basics straight lines manage the puck his message to his group on the four checks of Canada’s Got a three five on three here until he gets stuck in the play jailbringer Works back in drops it back he is a beneficiary of a really nice pass Zellweger and the edges loses the.

Four Checker and now he’s Off to the Races give and go with right nice looking kind of a Dodge going for a shot but boy can even throw it around as well in a prime score position picked up by Sim in comes Tim trying to feed that back and put that away about it drops it back at a hunch on score.

Roman Kester sneaks that through and Germany’s tied the game and won Chester coming late a bit of an over back check by the Canadians which is normal get back to the front of the net head up and he just rips this one down and that doesn’t hit anything and goes right through millich you heard Bob McKenzie talk about you.

Don’t need him to be great in net for Canada just need him to make the stage he’s supposed to make plant there ever was one into the skates that Gunther off the skates of Vander Linden how wolf is supposed to follow it he cannot but this is what good players.

Do ends up on their stick and they get in the back of the net soon lions in his book jet there by wah Who’s Back defending and a law back with it required to stank over me Passover and they’ve got the wind in their sails.

Now foreign you’re in trouble but art leaks out when he gets the Breakaway pass and it says no doubt whatsoever he’s going to score on this play nice play by Stan Colvin gets it to his forehand pivot clean and just a quick pull it to the club side.

Release it doesn’t lose a fit of full momento on that nice pivot and beats wolf cleanly walks right up keeps that back to Clark Allen has fallen and it’s taking him and he’s got back-to-back goal now well this one as tank open heals his Puck terribly.

And oh that’s a hard is going in there to sweep the puck away he actually chops the hand of wolf out of the way he knocks his own goaltender’s hand out of the way of the puck Zellweger works it back across the Bernard walks it and shoots we’ve seen this before this brister top glove nothing complex.

About this play first of all give Austin credit for hanging out in front of the net he knows One’s Gonna Whistle by his ears but that is a back foot wrister almost a casual release from Bedard there’s nothing to it goalie’s there they know the shot’s coming they take away the far side of the net he throws a short side but it’s so accurate pops off.

His stick so quickly and that is three for Connor Bedard it makes he looks like a warm-up shots and they zip past goaltenders 12 goals as World Junior career he’s now tied for third on Canada’s all-time list with Eric Lind Ross and Jeff Carter one behind John Tavares for second two behind Jordan Eberly for the all-time.

Lead Dean for fantilly putting a belt and now it’s gonna be a penalty to get Germany’s got a heart knock down santilly Goshen comes across battleheart goes after him and fantilli’s hurt about our stepping up here on fantilly does he keep his elbow far enough down because.

Oh he hits head on head you can see oh you can see the plastic and stickers flying off the helmet for ventilly they went head on head after video review the call on the ice has been confirmed Germany match penalty for check for the head he is ejected from the game so bataher is out.

And Canada gets a five minute Power Play here’s Bernard walks in keeps across cover shoots scores still investors got two and it’s six to one how about this feed takes one guy out drags another Bernard slides it through the team for Gunther for really a pretty simple one-timer open side just hit the.

Target Elevate if you can blow apart the camera while you’re at it and Gunther with two Bedard now with five points on the night lines it up walks in feeds it back to Clark who steps out of 7-1 this one is drifted I think that hits actually maybe Klein’s Shin pad when it’s all said and done this one.

Will end up being Clarks yeah I think it has 28 whites Shin pad no chance for a wolf and that’s the second power play goal on the five minute major Gunther back across to Bedard snapshot pass across the Gunther Gunther back for Bernard the Gunther shoot scores.

And they’ll heave away again how about the no looker Connor Bedard what am I looking at not the guy who’s getting it that’s guther’s second of the game that one works so well why don’t we go back we’ll hurt the camera while you’re at it that’s his second here’s a couple of the two-man game we’re going through we’re going.

Back we’re going through we’re going back it’s like no one’s else on the ice but 16 and 11 and Gunther will make a living shooting one-timers from over there on the Face-Off Circle play goals on this five minute man advantage that is not done yet to make that one a goal and he’s tying records left and right give it a chance.

On the board that’s nine and it doesn’t matter in the context of the game but maybe in the context of the tournament getting stank over to goal it’s a broken play unfortunately turned over on the attempted clear by sin he puts it right on thankful with stick with four seconds left in the period four check from Goshay causing the turnover quick.

Release Hannah needs these guys feeling good about themselves they need Goshen they need fantilly they need Stan Colvin and smile says happiness for Canada 9-1 power play clinic for two periods don’t be chasing more goals they will come.

There’s a short score and that’s 10. face-offs one walk in the line in a player release of stop Chuck good job dragon all the check it over the left side getting it back to the right stop Chuck Corrals wheels and fires and plenty of traffic in front for BaByliss welcome to the game.

You my friend are going to have your first ever New Year’s Eve and Halifax yes I’m looking forward to it works it in shoot scores Joshua his first Bernard from his own end attacks the middle breaks down the defense draws everyone to him oh a little mishandle into the Stick of.

Joshua the Canadians are leaving their record at the one and one they’ll take on Austria tomorrow night Germany will play Austria the next night after falling to Owen two Connor Bedard ties it giving the record with seven points in a game now tied for second all time and Canadian goals with 12. amazing it’s.

Amazing he’s got a long way to go before he gets trapped

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