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Canada buys F-35’s afterall

Canada buys F-35’s afterall

seven years after Justin Trudeau said this we prefer to take that money that would be spent on f-35s over and above what would be cost what would be the cost of either the Boeing or the Griffin or the Euro Fighter or any number of planes that are actually acceptable uh in an open common would-be.

Open uh acceptable in an open competition and we choose to invest it instead in the Navy his defense minister now says this I am announcing that Canada is acquiring a new Fleet of 88 state-of-the-art F-35 fighter jets years after vowing not to buy the Lockheed Martin F-35 to replace Canada’s aging jet fighters the Justin Trudeau.

Government has done just that 88 Jets at a cost of 19 billion dollars with the first planes to begin arriving in 2026. the F-35 has faced persistent criticism over price and performance during its long development in 2019 there were concerns the multi-world Jets struggled in cold weather conditions but Anand says she’s confident the F-35 is the.

Right tool for National defense against an increasingly aggressive Russia and any possible threat from China the process that we undertook was robust and independent but it was also one that ensured that we were taking into account the unique environment in which Canadian Jets must operate and we noted as well that fellow Arctic.

Nations such as the USA and Norway operate this jet too as the problems arise they’re going to get fixed because it’s not just a Canadian plane it’s an American plane it’s a Danish plain it’s an Australian plane and you go on and on and on and so there will be bug fixes there will be problems that come up along the way but it is a.

Better play than it was 10 years ago Stephen sederman from Carlton University says Canada is better off selecting a fighter other NATO nations are using as well but not everybody is happy with the decision there is no reason why this should take another 10 years uh it’s been you know 12 years since the original decision was made to buy the.

F-35 and to wait another 10 years to repeat to replace our tired Fleet as unconscionable Tory defense critic James bazan says Canada Wasted Years waffling on a decision and suspects the costs of the F-35 have gone up due to inflation while some Canadians are upset the Jets are coming at all the operating cost for one hour of flying is about 48 000.

Canadian dollars and so when we see that two out hours of flying an F-35 is roughly equivalent to the yearly salary of an essential worker you know especially in a pandemic context we really need to be taking a step back and looking at the priorities that our federal government is telling us we need to have in Ottawa shali Lee City news.

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