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California storms: Forecasters predict atmospheric river will bring “parade” of cyclones

California storms: Forecasters predict atmospheric river will bring “parade” of cyclones

Foreign s of roads look like Rivers high winds have torn down structures Rivers up and down California are hitting record levels as residents are pelted with storm after storm I could hear the rain hitting everything and I could hear things bouncing around my porch First Responders have had to save several people from quickly Rising flood.

Waters including this one in Sacramento where two people were rescued the storm has caused several deaths including a two-year-old child killed by a falling tree when I first arrived on seeing a frantic father came out of the householding the child Piers have been destroyed in several coastal towns hundreds of thousands of homes have been.

Flooded or without power forcing many to live in area shelters folks come to us on sometimes the worst days of their lives even if you don’t choose to stay the night if you’ve got a friend or a family that you’re staying with you can still come to the shelter grab a hot meal the so-called atmospheric River coming from the Pacific Ocean has caused.

The torrential rains and high winds some Northern California ski slopes have had to shut down as chair lifts are tossed around many neighborhoods are shut off by Fallen trees blocking roads this is way off the charts for I mean cumulatively what we experienced in the last week is cumulatively more than I can say we’ve experienced in 15 years.

Crews are also working around the clock to cover breaks and hillsides with tarps to stop more landslides on terrain already weakened by drought and wildfires another worry for homeowners who fear they’ll soon have to evacuate I’ve been working on for quite a few days because in 20 mile an hour winds it’s hard to get it down oh God.

Everything’s destroyed and now forecasters are warning another atmospheric River of moisture will hit California Monday bringing what they call a Relentless parade of cyclones over the next few days more dangerous weather for a state that has already had enough Jennifer Johnson Global News Washington.

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