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California storms: 17 confirmed deaths related to severe storms | LiveNOW from FOX

One of the top headlines on this day has been the weather that continues to bombard the entire coast of California Southern California all the way up to Northern California there’s some pictures of some mudslides and rock slides as we follow this closely very closely here on live now from Fox of course we’re also going to be joined out.

Of the bay area right now by Christian Captain thank you so much for joining us here on live now from Fox tell us a little bit about what you’re seeing on the ground there as this severe storm continues to barrel down on Northern California okay yeah Andy Mack you touched on this that.

We are getting absolutely hammered here in the Bay Area right here in San Francisco we’ve had a really busy day just running from one incident to the next if you take a look right now we’re standing at a tree stump and you can see that this tree has actually come down we’ll show you what happened in just a moment but just to give you a sense of.

How violent all of this was that tree came down and heaved the cement here up about three or four feet creating a hazard here just one of the many hazards right now around San Francisco more than a week of pouring rain and Howling winds is taking its toll on trees throughout San Francisco this large tree at the intersection of.

Stockton and Sutter Came Crashing Down shortly after noon the whole tree just kind of collapsed on top of the power lines lots of flashes everything came down Joe frankovic says he immediately rushed to the bus making sure no one was hurt I came running out because I was worried about the people on the bus and the people on the cars over here but.

They all cleared out before eight in the morning this tree Came Crashing Down on Fell Street closing another of the city’s major thoroughfares down for hours neighbors say it came down with a crash my girl was laying down and I heard like a boom we didn’t know what was going on but later on I found out the tree fell and.

At Pearson post yet another tree down this one coming down on top of a car San Francisco Department of Public Works Crews scrambled from one report of a downed tree or branches to the next we had 14 big trees and big limbs come down overnight since about three in the morning all told since this series of storms started we’ve had more than a.

Thousand tree incidents so our tree Crews have been extremely busy in addition to the wind this latest series of storms brought hail Thunder and downpours the rain running down city streets and in some cases overwhelming catch basins pedestrians found themselves picking their paths.

Very carefully and Public Work Crews here in San Francisco are having to do what they call Triage in this situation they’re really running from the most serious incidents to the next they say that they have those lined up one after the other they say if there’s a tree or a branch that’s down that’s not causing an actual.

Hazard or isn’t in the roadway or something like that residents here in San Francisco might have to wait two to four weeks to have those cleared because they have so many trees down in the area any Mac thank you so much and just those videos closed captioning not available yeah it’s not over yet we’re actually getting a little bit of a break in the.

Storm which all of our meteorologists and all of our crews say is really important it gives them a chance to try to do some of this work and try to catch up on some of those downed trees meteorologists also say that gives the rain water a little chance to shed from the area but I’ll tell you what the layers that we’re hearing is that we’re.

In for at least another week of this the governor is saying today that we can expect more rain through the 18th and Christian one of my last questions obviously the rain is a big factor and we saw some hail there in the Bay area as well but I know that they’re talking about the wind as well being a factor that they really can’t predict how much.

Of a factor is it when those uh for those trees especially in the Bay Area yeah it’s the proverbial one-two punch right because we have all of these drought-stricken trees their root structures are already weakened from years and years of drought then they get a deluge a ton of water all at once which softens up the soil uh and then.

The next Domino to fall of course is the wind as that wind comes through these heavy trees get pushed around that wheatstruct that root structure has already been somewhat weakened so as soon as those winds start to blow these trees start toppling all right thank you so much stay safe stay dry out there we appreciate you joining us here on live.

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