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California prepares for cyclones

California prepares for cyclones

Residents of the U.S state of California are being told to prepare for more severe weather after 12 people were killed in storms in the last 10 days forecasters are warning Northern and Central parts of the state are in the path of dangerous Cyclones thousands of Californians remain without power from weekend storms and now.

Another round of heavy rain threatens the state oh my gosh it’s unbelievable everything was a Down the National Weather Service expects the strongest storm to impact the region on Monday and Tuesday parts of Northern California are bracing for up to a foot of rain some communities could see flooded roads and mudslides in.

Sacramento County evacuation orders are in effect for some communities officials are warning people to leave before streets become impassable get a motel yeah I ain’t gonna fight it you know I don’t I don’t swim that good Sunday night more than 100 000 people were without power after thunderstorms and snow moved through the state wind.

Gusts topped 60 miles per hour ripped trees from their Roots it was chaos in the backyard the pool was full of all the furniture and you’re just like oh that’s nice you know and then the tree fell on the on the car the boat so it was a rude awakening that’s for sure California is also still recovering from last week’s deadly bomb Cyclone the.

System killed at least two people in the San Francisco Bay Area residents fear debris Left Behind from that storm could be stirred up this week they’ve done some work in getting some of these trimmed in the last couple of days but it’s probably not going to be enough we’re probably going to lose a few more this storm system will bring some.

Short-term relief to the ongoing drought here in the state of California