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Cabinet minister ‘shocked’ by chaotic lobby scenes

Cabinet minister ‘shocked’ by chaotic lobby scenes

Joined now by the transport secretary and Marie trevely and Mr villian thank you for joining us on the program this morning did the chief whip resign last night so you’ve just answered your own question there you have reassured everyone that uh Wendy Morton and Craig Whitaker her Deputy are still in post.

Which is good news they are no that wasn’t my question important members of the government didn’t ask you that did she resign last night uh not that I’m aware of no so she didn’t resign at any stage and then went then was convinced to be back in post so I I wasn’t there I voted uh early in.

The lobbies and then had important uh security issues to deal with at the Department of Transport uh so I didn’t follow the machinations in detail I’m afraid I was busy doing my job uh but as it’s clear they are both in post and that’s good news is it appropriate that MPS are manhandled.

I uh well as I say I wasn’t there but I have seen not the point the photograph but Australian is going to be much easier if you answer the question let me answer the question okay I will uh I don’t think it’s ever acceptable for any party and we have seen this happen before where uh whips perhaps uh overeg uh their encouragement to get people to.

Vote in the appropriate way that is that is never right the one thing that our Parliament is uh so revered around the world for is that we allow each of us to vote with our conscience and indeed with our government on important matters yesterday was an opposition day debate and uh we uh won that debate and the opposition day uh vote lost their vote.

Okay do you condemn whoever man handles people through the lobby yesterday so I have no doubt that Mr Speaker will look into these issues and it is for him uh to make the final examination I haven’t seen any footage Beyond Chris Bryant’s photograph but it is never acceptable for people to be uh manhandled or bundled into voted do you condemn.

Whoever did it well as I say I will leave it to Mr Speaker to um well as I’ve just said it’s never acceptable uh for anyone to handle it we should be able to vote uh absolutely as we see fit on behalf of our constituents and they are the ones who hold us to.

Account um was it a vote of confidence in the prime minister I know yesterday was an opposition day uh debate and the labor party were trying to uh use a parliamentary tool to try and hijack the order paper that is never acceptable so what it was was a very important vote uh to ensure that.

The government uh did not allow labor to do that it’s a tactic that has been used in the past and previous governments have also always made sure that those votes are not won by the opposition what’s going to happen to those MPS who didn’t vote with the government uh so I haven’t spoken to uh the chief whip this morning I thought I might let.

Her sleep in at the uh situation is always very clear the the Parliamentary managers will uh discuss with colleagues who uh didn’t vote with a three-line whip uh why that was sometimes they’re a very specific uh constituency reasons or indeed health reasons and I know that uh the appropriate discussions will go on as.

They always do in these situations and if there is a sense that some uh were doing so for uh not reasonable reasons uh the appropriate discipline will be enacted but I would imagine most have very strong constituency reasons if they were unable to vote with the government apparently the chief whip didn’t vote so as I say I haven’t seen the list it’s.

Quite often the case that the whips themselves don’t vote on both sides that’s quite common okay um prime minister didn’t originally vote but then we were told that she did vote um and we were told by Downing Street um in fact tomorrow was told by Daniel Street at 1 30 this morning when you.

Finally got your ducks in a row that it was a confidence vote and though the MPS that didn’t vote with the government will be disciplined does that mean they’ll lose the whip well as I say that will be a decision that the business managers make no doubt today as they speak to those as is completely normal uh when uh colleagues.

Don’t vote uh with the government uh Direction uh those discussions are had reasons are discussed as to why that was the case and discipline uh or indeed not uh delivered accordingly and we will let the uh whips office and ministers do that in due course why did Sue Ella bravaman get sacked so she resigned in her letter which put.

Out yesterday set out that she felt that she had fallen below the standard by breaching the minister of Code by allowing documents to be shared before appropriately in in an unsecure way and she felt that she had you know let herself down and therefore as she is someone who has always worked with the highest standards she is a woman of.

Integrity she felt she had to step down no she was forced to step down as we know we can see that from the letter um the Prime Minister if she’d wanted her to stay she would have stayed or perhaps it was Jeremy Hunt who wanted it to go and then somebody who supports Rishi sunak can be put in her post so uh government needs to get on Sue.

Ella resigned and Grant chaps was appointed he is a man with a very broad experience in many government posts in fact he was my predecessor in transport a man who understands the complexity and the seriousness of security issues and I know that he will do an excellent job in picking up and managing those important issues that the home office has to look.

After he’s also a man who said earlier on in the week that the Prime Minister for her to be able to remain in post it would be like threading a needle in the dark well he wasn’t a member of the government when he was speaking of the week now he is and I have no doubt because I know Grant very well that he.

Will be an incredibly hard-working member of the cabinet and I shall look forward to working with him yeah but he doesn’t think she can survive as prime minister he is now uh the he is now the Home Secretary uh which is an incredibly difficult uh job and he will I know get right stuck into it today and make sure.

That all those issues that we need to work on together to protect our citizens to work on those issues uh uh on the short straights uh The Wider questions that we do in security uh are ones that he is absolutely focused on we have some really important and difficult issues that we are all dealing with and what we need to crack on with is making sure.

That we do that and Grant will be a great addition to the team okay so just to clarify for me what was it that first attracted the prime minister to the rebel supporting uh Rishi supporting um back venture sorry I didn’t enter so he went correctly on me sorry.

Okay I was just asking what first attracted the prime minister to uh a rebel uh who had been rallying the troops against the Prime Minister who’s also a Rishi supporter why on Earth would she put him in one of the great positions of office so uh I I would imagine I haven’t had a chance to remember what she wanted was.

Someone with uh experience who would be able to come in and manage the incredibly difficult issues that the home office has to deal with every single day it’s a 24 7 job that one and Grant has as I say enormous government experience here obviously uh was uh transport secretary before I was and she will know that he can act you know very.

Short notice pick up the reins and manage the many complex issues that there are there including of course uh you know dealing with the short straights an issue that I’m going to be working closely with on those Maritime security questions Steve Baker who is an influential back venture as you as you know but just for.

The benefit of our viewers went uh on TV yesterday speaking to one of my colleagues saying that he’d been told by Downing Street to say that swella Braverman would be back imposed by January so I I’m afraid I didn’t see that and I’m not part of that what I uh can see and knows the cases that Grant is Home.

Secretary and that we all in government in the prime minister’s cabinet are focused absolutely on supporting Jeremy Hunt to stabilize the finances so that we can get on with delivering the services that are so important to our constituents making sure that having uh determined to fund the energy price guarantee not only for our uh.

Constituents and in homes but also for all our businesses so that we didn’t see a catastrophic uh failure of our smes in particular that we make sure that we demonstrate the city how we’re funding that and continue to deliver those Frontline service that are so important to our constituents people up and down the country as you’ve.

Just been saying there are struggling to feed their kids and we’ve got excuse me politicians who are pushing and shoving each other um somebody who has been criticizing the Prime Minister uh only a few days ago is now one of the most important offices of state two senior cabinet ministers have been sacked in less than a week.

Um it’s embarrassing so politics is about looking forwards and delivering and that’s what we need to do there are many very difficult situations ahead obviously we have uh the support that we continue to give to our Ukrainian friends as the ongoing Russian invasion and those battles uh you know come into the winter months and.

That’s why the defense secretary has been in Washington working with our U.S allies to support that we have to make sure we can deliver this energy price guarantee so that uh you and I and indeed everyone more importantly who are vulnerable and who are managing uh tight budgets know that this government is working alongside them I was pleased to.

Hear the triple lock for our pensioners confirmed yesterday uh on the levels of inflation these are really important matters and what we have to do is work together and government is absolutely focused on delivering for our people I am of course today okay bringing in minimum service levels service levels legislation which will ensure that even.

Uh if there are strikes there cannot be an ability to bring down completely our transport networks this is really important to support those exactly to say those hard-working people who need to get to work nurses get into a shift children getting to school business people getting to their business meetings these are situations that we we.

Cannot allow our Transport Systems to a grind to a halt so we’re bringing this in so that we have a fair focus on those who use the services that we provide to make sure that they can always keep moving these are really important government activities which will keep us keeping the country moving and growing okay Mr Rebellion I know you to be a.

Woman of Honor are you not embarrassed a little bit this morning about what went on yesterday as I say I wasn’t in the lobbies but I am shocked to uh hear that the descriptions of what went on as I say uh we are uh well respected across the world as a parliament where democracy uh and freedom is at the heart of what we.

Do and I hope that Mr Speaker will be investigating closely as I’m sure he will to ensure uh that uh these these uh scenes and individ situations do not happen again what I want to make sure we do also is deliver uh for our constituents that’s what’s so important we need to grow our economy we need to ensure that we can deliver the.

Incredibly important public service that we can draw in with investment so that business can grow because it is with growth and perhaps was absolutely right with growth that we can do more for our constituents for our fantastic Public Services okay I’m going on holiday for a fortnight tomorrow will this trust still be prime minister when I get back I.

Believe you’ll find she will be yes okay let’s see let’s see it’s good to talk to you thank you very much nice to see you and you

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