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Buffalo blizzard: At least 30 dead from winter weather disaster

Buffalo blizzard: At least 30 dead from winter weather disaster

Before the storm enters the history books residents in and around Buffalo New York must still cope with the present the blizzard conditions of course are gone but we’re going to be responding in some ways to this blizzard for still a number of days Power is coming back on and most highways are slowly reopening.

Though a state of emergency remains in place and a federal disaster Declaration was approved on Monday this once in a lifetime blizzard hit hard and the scars are still forming going into homes going into vehicles and too many tragic times of finding people who did not survive the experience dozens of people in this region lost their lives a number of.

Officials believe will grow and while the storm’s impact is painfully evident across Western New York much further south arctic cold has also wreaked havoc on water systems through parts of South Carolina and in Mississippi resulting in boil water advisories for the second time since August.

Hundreds of people throughout the city of Jackson with no water travel also remains at a crawl most airports except for Buffalo are open just crowded and while airlines are slowly coming around Southwest Airlines is far behind canceling thousands of flights Monday and Tuesday due to inundated scheduling systems we end up with flight Crews and.

Airplanes that are out of place and not in the cities that they need to be in our processes our I.T our infrastructure just wasn’t there to support the operation and unfortunately our customers are bearing the brunt of it there will now be a federal review Into the airline’s operating procedures little Solas to those left behind by a.

Storm many will try to but few will likely forget Reggie takini Global News

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