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Buffalo begins to dig out from historic blizzard

Buffalo tonight the National Guard is going door to door checking for possible victims after that deadly and historic holiday blizzard authorities they’re bracing for the possibility of finding more victims as the snow melts and the city slowly digs out ABC’s Mona Kosar Abdi back in Buffalo again for us tonight.

Nearly a week after a 40-hour blizzard and more than four feet of snow paralyzed the region the National Guard is still going door to door in Buffalo neighborhoods checking on families because we are fearful that there are individuals who may have perished living alone or two people who are not doing well in an establishment especially.

Those that still don’t have power why are you out on the road you’re in the driving dance with First Responders working around the clock some are taking advantage overnight a storm chasers live camera catching two people entering a Family Dollar Store they were arrested hundreds of vehicles were abandoned during the height of the storm.

Johnny locks is trying to get his fiance’s car running he says he walked an hour in the blizzard to rescue her Friday night just walking into the storm was just very hard like I cannot explain to you like I really can’t use words to explain how bad it was as the death toll Rises we’re learning more about those who lost their lives Monique Alexander’s.

Daughter Casey says her mom was the rock of their family that she would cook for strangers on the holidays the 52-year-old went out Christmas Eve but never came back our thoughts are with all of the families suffering In This Storm Mona with us now again from Buffalo and Mona they still have a lot of work to do but.

There are some signs of a return to normal that’s right Mary Buffalo’s mayor says all streets should be cleared by the end of the day today then the driving ban will be over and the airport finally reopened this morning like you said signs of normalcy finally returning to Buffalo Mary Mona thank you as it clears.

Up in the East Heavy Rain Gusty winds and snow in the west severe weather is being blamed for the death of three people in the Portland Oregon area after a large tree fell on a passing truck a four-year-old was among the victims Gusty winds Downing trees and causing damage in other areas of the city as well emergency crews are working around.

The clock in Utah’s Cottonwood Canyons to clear out the snow so let’s get right to senior meteorologist Rob Marciano and Rob take us through the next 24 to 48 hours well Mary Portland Seattle really got hit hard with this atmospheric river that has now pointed at Northern California here it is the next wave to.

Come in tonight that will hit Oregon and Washington hard again and we’ve got alerts that are just piling up we’ve got flood watches this is a warm weather system we’ve got Avalanche warnings as well and high wind alerts the rain will be heavy from Seattle I think all the way down to Santa Barbara by tomorrow morning and then pressing into the.

Mountains with heavy snow in the Sierras parts of that gets all the way to the east coast and the Northeast by New Year’s Eve night for a warm wet one while that’s happening the next system comes into the West on Saturday and Sunday that’s going to be the strongest one as far as the rain and the snow and the wind is concerned it will pop up.

More in the way of warmth look at these numbers heading into New Year’s Eve Buffalo will see a big time melt and we’ll warm up we’ll continue into New Year’s Day Mary Rob thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch.

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