British Columbia, the “wet” coast, ravaged by drought

British Columbia, the “wet” coast, ravaged by drought

Up and down British Columbia’s Coast water levels are running dangerously low it is an absolutely dire situation Ruth Foster has worked with a coastal salmon hatchery since the 1970s and she says these Creeks should be filled with water and with salmon swimming up them to spawn instead creek beds are dry and filled with Boulders what we’re.

Concerned about right now are Coho returning to all these small coastal streams that are lacking water right now for coho salmon the clock is ticking without access to these streams they may die without spawning these mostly pink salmon try to ascend a creek near Bella Bella thousands perished when the creek dried up we’ve seen it kind of across.

The territory and I think throughout the BBC Coast so it’s kind of unprecedented conditions right now the drought could have an impact on BC Fisheries for years to come we’ve been on a steady decline for a long time and situations like this don’t help the overall health of the stocks salmon that’s for sure but it’s not just the fishery agricultural.

Activities throughout the province are suffering from the lack of rain but it’s most serious on Vancouver Island and BC’s Lower Mainland where provincial officials have put the drought at level four or more serious level five which means adverse impacts are almost certain in order for the drought to end we’re actually going to need some pretty.

Strong impactful storms and and dare I say atmospheric Rivers will will will be needed to actually end the drought communities throughout the province are implementing conservation measures including bans on all outdoor water use it is most serious in a handful of towns on BC’s Sunshine Coast where the lake that is the source of Municipal Water is.

All but drying up we’re losing their capacity to provide residents with water um that we’re not able to provide enough water to our hospital as well as for firefighting and the forecast for southwestern BC may be a chance of showers on Monday followed by more heat and more sun David Aiken Global News.

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