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Breaking News: J.J. Watt Retiring after 2022 Season

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Breaking News: J.J. Watt Retiring after 2022 Season

The news today however is out of Arizona J.J watt three-time defensive player of the year is retiring and he did so with the photo taken on Christmas night of this beautiful family and the little boy there KOA who was born late in October people saw JJ walking off the field with tears in his eyes after that loss to the Buccaneers Sunday you know something.

Might be up and we knew something might be up when we sat down with JJ during inside training camp live in August JJ Watt uh being a new dad does it change your perspective on how long soon to be a new dad on how long you want to play it’s year 12. um I haven’t thought a ton about that but I definitely have thought about.

How excited I am that he’s going to be able to see me play uh even if he’s not going to remember it in any capacity um he’s going to be able to see me play this season at least and hopefully Beyond and he’s to have a photo with my son in my uniform for me is one of the coolest things and I’m really looking forward to.

That and who knows maybe I’ll play long enough where he can remember some of my games oh you heard it here first he’s not going to remember the games there but little KOA did get that photo kind of cool that that was the lasting moment family on the field there on Christmas Mike Garafolo Tom pellissero James Palmer with us live here on NFL Now time.

Star Tom rather start with you why is now the time for JJ Watt to walk away we’re gonna do I think you see it in that interview you certainly saw it in his Twitter post today this is a player in JJ Watt who had played 12 NFL seasons his body had been through a lot and in his mind it feels like it’s time you think about JJ Watt he was one of the.

Most dominant players and still is one of the most dominant players but truly during that early stretch of his career in Houston he may have been the most unblockable player on the planet the guy who was a five-time first-team All-Pro three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year also Walton Payton Man of the Year Award winner and might have had.

Additional accolades if not for a bunch of major injuries through the course of his career that he managed to come back from of course he had the scare with his heart back in October did not stop him from playing in a game that following Sunday truly one of the most Unique Individuals a guy who dwarfs even Kurt Warner sitting next to him and also a.

Big personality and a guy who’s done a lot of way from the game as well James V take it back off of what you’re saying yeah Andrew let me just jump in here real quick it’s funny I’m standing here at the Broncos facility where obviously there’s headlines with them firing their head coach Nathaniel Hackett but J.J watts even brought up.

When I was talking to people inside this building when they were watching the film of him throughout this year some of the guys on the offensive side of the ball were like ah it doesn’t really look like the same JJ Watt and then all of a sudden they play against him last week and he goes out and has three sacks and they’re like I think we kind of thought.

Maybe this is the end when we saw him just turning it on at the end of this season that’s kind of the perception of some of the guys here in the building in Denver but I covered him on a daily basis before working in NFL Network in the prime of his career when he was winning those Defensive Player of the Year Awards winning three of them I.

Remember after the second one in 2014 I was sitting there in a press conference with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and I just said hey wait what do you think of JJ’s season this year he goes who JJ Watt oh greatest season ever I mean I’m not joking greatest season ever that’s what Wade Phillips thought of that 2014 season I believe that’s the.

One where he had over 20 sacks 20 batted passes over 20 tackles for loss I’ve never covered a player Andrew and I remember sitting in the Press Box That season specifically next to the General John McLean and where a player doesn’t touch the football they’re not at a skill position yet there’s moments that you believe are going to happen to where.

They will win the game for the team in 2014 that happened repeatedly with batted passes or fumble recoveries returned for touchdowns he caught three touchdown passes That season playing tight end just an unbelievable talent in that Prime virtually unblockable and Unstoppable during those seasons and virtually unblockable and.

Unstoppable the other night against the Buccaneers in the game that really didn’t mean anything toward the Arizona Cardinals and their playoff hopes which had been diminished already or distinguished already excuse me uh extinguished that’s the word distinguishes the word that I’m using for JJ Watt and his career and the way.

That he played the way that he finished the other night uh surely he knew more than we did with regard to that being his last home game but that was the kind of things you saw on display for his entire career now go back to before this season too there were a lot of new chairs to be filled in NFL broadcasting Amazon had to fill things out there were.

Some open spots at some other networks there was interest in JJ Watt saying if you want to hang them up now you got a chair at our desk you could just slide into and by the way there will always be a chair available for a guy who is a future Hall of Famer and is as good in the media as JJ Watt has been so I assume that that is going to be in.

His near to long-term future as far as broadcasting and he will have networks that will welcome him but what clearly wanted to come back for one more season he had like eight and a half million dollars uh fully guaranteed as well but clearly wanted to play one more season and clearly had that season left in his body and also wanted to stay in front at.

Least for now of his brother TJ on the all-time sack list who is quickly catching up to his older brother J.J watten former Central Michigan tight end thank you gentlemen decides to hang it up as a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year a five-time first-team All-Pro he’s a member of the all-decade team from the 2010s and most importantly.

They’re on the list we call it the most prestigious honor this league hands out let’s not forget his Walter Payton Man of the Year award and everything that he did there in Houston off the field Brian balding or Steve watch Steve you’re a Hall of Fame guy first ballot yep yep I mean 3028 yeah I mean three-time defensive player of the year so class of.

2028 hacker you can start cutting the fabric now for the gold jacket I mean he’s oh look the Pro Football Hall of Fame put it out there they’ve already they’ve already put it out there but of course I mean this might be we were talking earlier one of the greatest draft classes at 2011 but you look at JJ Watt you know you heard all the actors.

Three-time defensive player of the year uh all the tackles for losses five-time first team All Pro just just a dynamic player but you know Tom mentioned something I think that really hit JJ hard this year’s you know he had that heart issue he didn’t miss a game but he had to get a quick procedure to kind of get his rhythmia in line that.

Besides you know the wear and tear on his body that’s probably the reality check he saw him holding his baby with a beautiful family all the dysfunction with the Arizona Cardinals this year he probably said let me go ahead and live the life I want to live now I’ve done everything I can do on a football field this is the time he has treated us he’s.

One of the few defensive players who had paid money to see because of his game changing ability he has treated us um I mean we can talk about him all he want but what he’s giving back to this game what he’s giving us his fans and viewers baldy you you can’t you can’t well straight straight class and so you know you think about JJ Watt you think.

About all the accolades but just studying him on film you know just watching his ability to dominate games I mean he was Aaron Donald before Aaron Donald and you know teams would game plan him but the way that they moved him around the moves that he had the ability to just affect affect the quarterback week in week out he was the most.

Dominant player defensively in this league for four straight years in a row and he had all decade Team all that kind of stuff still playing at the highest level I just like when players decide to exit with a smile on her face yep he won’t look back uh we’ll all have a chance now to really fet him properly but really I mean JJ Watt can walk away.

From this game knowing that he gave it every thing he had I think about it he broke his own news that he was going to Arizona remember all the speculation was JJ walkung he broke it himself he also controlled the narrative this time around broke it with the photo this morning and there were people that saw him walking off the field Sunday night.

Christmas night with tears in his eyes and there was some speculation well maybe he knows things are going to be a lot different next year in Arizona his contract is up right this might be his last game there no it’s his last game period what a career for J.J watten as Steve mentioned 2028 book it now for Canton Ohio.