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BREAKING: Classified documents found at Biden’s private office

Developing tonight news about the discovery of what appeared to be records from the Obama Biden administration at an office used by Mr Biden before he became president some of them classified Justice correspondent Ken delaneyan joins us for the latest Ken what do we know tonight the White House is acknowledging.

That a small number of documents marked classified were found in a locked closet inside offices occupied by the Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C and officials say that those offices were used by Joe Biden after he left the vice presidency but before he became president and they say the papers were discovered the day before the midterm.

Election and were turned over immediately all of this follows the discovery of roughly 300 classified documents at former president Trump’s Residence at Mar-A-Lago the justice department is considering criminal charges in that case the White House said in the statement it is cooperating with the National Archives and the.

Department of Justice and an official told NBC news that attorney general Merrick Garland turned the matter over to the U.S attorney in Illinois Who was appointed by then president Trump thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today’s top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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