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Brazilian legend Pele dies aged 82

Brazilian legend Pele dies aged 82

Okay we are joined by our Sports producer Sandy lemkono to speak about the breaking news of football legend uh Pele as Sandile really devastating news but we do know that of course he had not been well for some time but let’s speak about his legacy good evening Heidi to you and the viewer at home well his advocacy is that of a.

Greater player he’s arguably the greatest player to ever have played at the game depending whichever way you look at it because some would say maybe it’s Leonel Messi and others will argue that’s it Cristiano Ronaldo but if you look at the stats he won three World Cups as we have had when Sony was doing that obituary offer Perez it’s it’s a.

Set day not only um for football but in Brazil as well we know that Legends such as Neymar and all the other players are Ronaldo the original they are all said but he is one of the best players his only he’s the only player to have won the World Cup from the days when it was still the Julius.

Remake trophy he has won it three times and His Story by the way he saw his father crying and when his father was crying he was crying because Brazil had lost a World Cup so now what he he told his father that said you know what don’t worry one of the days I would win this competition for Brazil and guess what it’s uh it’s the age of 17 Heidi he won.

The World Cup back in 1958 in Sweden the rest is history he has never played in Europe but he didn’t need to go and play Europa playing golf for his beloved the club Santos and he won everything before him in terms of the World Cup and he had 12 goals and yes Lionel Messi overtook him because he has 13 goals now having played FIFA World Cups so he’s a legend.

Uh nacimento yes and what a beautiful um part of the story you said where his father cried and he told his father don’t worry I will win the world cup and he won three times in 1958 1962 and in 1970. at 70 we also know that he was voted um as FIFA Player of the century in 2000.

And that of course speaks to the great soccer player that he was yes indeed absolutely and all this is happening uh when I mean we recently lost a Maradona and Diego Maradona was one head of a player as well during his uh playing days and when he passed on a lot was said maybe in terms of the Alvis Celeste Argentina whether they were.

Going to ever win the World Cup especially Messi as one of the greatest players they won the World Cup there’s also a notion now I was talking to my colleague of uh who said that maybe Brazil are going to win the World Cup soon after that because they lost they haven’t won the World Cup since 2002 so now what maybe Brazil would one will win.

The world cup at the next World Cup in 2026 in honor of Pele maybe this is going to motivate them whether it is going to happen or not only time will tell but they have great players as the recent the current generation they like sofa Rodrigo they like sofa and Neymar and all those top players that they are still a playing for Brazil in 1970 per.

Day was had a lot of players who helped him win the World Cup the likes of charzino the likes of Carlos Alberto uh Jesse and you name them all karincha all those top top players that Brazil have had at their disposal back then so even now I’m still sure that Brazil will win the World Cup in the near future as we can see on our screens.

Arguably two of the greatest players to ever play the beautiful game of football I actually have Goosebumps watching him on screen at the moment and watching the legend that he really was and I know you mentioned it briefly Sandile but you spoke about the amount of goals that he scored maybe just remind us and if you know the number of games that he.

Actually played I mean we’re speaking about a legend we’re speaking about somebody who future players could possibly looking be looking up to and the fact that you mentioned that you know this could possibly motivate Brazil to work even harder and given the devastation that they felt in the recent World Cup what Heidi and Neymar recently.

Equaled his goal scoring record in terms of Brazil the national team is he’s 77th called one might recall during Croatia a game when Brazil were knocked out surprisingly so at the recent World Cup in Qatar but it was Neymar 77th at strike so he is the all-time leading goal scorer by the time he passed on with Neymar now but Neymar remember he.

Has played more games and then did that in under 100 games so you can see that his strike rate was second to none in terms of scoring goals and for Brazil so he is the all-time leading goal scorer for Brazil jointly with Neymar who is playing for parking at the current moment in the French new car wow she’s a legend may he so truly rest in peace and.

Thank you so much for four lights and giving us some perspective into who Pele was that is Sandy lemkunu who is our Sports producer here at enca